Speaking in the “good” ritual, Erdogan targeted Kurchidalol, who went to Diyarbakir.

Speaking in the “Ritual of Goodness,” Erdogan targeted Kemal Kılıdarır’s visit to Diyarbakir. “I saw a draft of a politician who was afraid to go to Dyalbakr and knock on his mother’s door because he was afraid of his allies and threatened his brave mother,” Erdogan said.


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AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan will speak at the “International Kindness Awards” ceremony.

Targeting Republican People’s Party leader Kemal Kılıdarır’s visit to Dyalbakr, Erdogan said, “A politician who went to Dyalbakr and was afraid to knock on his mother’s door because he was afraid of his allies and threatened his brave mother. I saw the draft. “

The highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are:

“Thanks to the Turkish Religious Foundation for contributing to the education of our youth that guarantees our future. We have just heard warm and kind stories from different parts of our country and the world. am.

In particular, what we have experienced during the coronavirus epidemic shows good implications for all humankind. We also saw some distortion of the global system during this epidemic. We have also seen people in the world’s most developed countries who do not have access to basic medical services.

Responding to the needs of our citizens in a severe epidemic situation, we did not turn our backs on the world as we did in the West.

We have provided medical device support to the 160 countries required by Turkey. We are gradually providing 15 million doses of vaccine to our African brothers and sisters.

Just as respect and loyalty to good are important, so is dignity to evil. For 40 years, members of the Separatist organization have only destroyed, destroyed, and transformed the lives of Kurdish brothers into dungeons with oppression and violence.

The masterminds of the terrorist organization accused the innocent Kurdish children of being ignorant and educated their own children in Europe. Diyarbakir’s mother said it was enough for this hypocrisy. The cry of Diyarbakir’s mothers, “We want to get our children back,” is one of the biggest blows to the expansion of terrorism and separatist organizations.

A handful of brave mothers warned, saying that for decades it was enough for oppressors who had been clinging to the backs of their Kurdish brothers like ticks and sucking blood like leeches.

Diyarbakir’s mother not only broke the wall of horror, but also removed the mask of a human smuggler who looked like a politician.


I am calling to the west. If the terrorists were watching, you wouldn’t leave Diyarbakir. When I reversed it, there was no sound.

I went to Diyarbakir and saw a draft of a politician who was afraid to knock on his mother’s door because he was afraid of his allies and threatened his brave mother.

“We do not send Syrians”

Diyarbakır’s brave mother will be awarded the second Loyalty Award this year. Once again, I would like to pay tribute to the mothers of Dyalbakir who have illuminated our path with courage, self-sacrifice and unrequited love.

Opposition says we will send Syrians if we win the election. We will not ship. We know what Ansar is. “

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