Solidarity Message from President Erdogan to NATO-Last Turkey News

preliminary report! President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Brussels held a press conference for the NATO summit.

Heading of President Erdogan’s remarks.

“NATO unified message meaning”

Thank you for the leadership of Stortemberg. It makes sense for NATO to send a message of solidarity again.

I have already mentioned that I am not aware of the Crimean annexation. Our support for Ukrainian territorial integrity continues.

Turkey stands in a special place in this process. Russia and Ukraine are two neighbors of the Black Sea. We are in close contact with both countries to end the war.

We are trying to win peace in our area. We closely follow and support the negotiations. We believe that the final solution should be based on a credible formula that is accepted by Russia, Ukraine and the international community.


Ukraine’s independence must be a top priority. Use the power of Montreux to relieve tension. Everyone, especially European countries, should help refugees who come to their doors.

I shared our positive policy with our allies. NATO must act with a realistic and strategic approach. I paid particular attention to the principle of security inseparability.

Turkey will continue to contribute to NATO’s deterrence and defense measures based on the solidarity of the alliance. We expect the same solidarity from our allies.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement after the NATO extraordinary summit.

“We confirm asylum discrimination”

We are well aware from the bitter experiences of the past that the international community cannot do a good test in terms of protecting refugees. It is a pity that desperate people who have to leave their homes and countries are discriminated against based on eye color, language, beliefs and culture. Everyone, especially European countries, should help refugees who are responsible for coming to their doors and mitigating their problems. What makes us human and distinguishes us from other creatures is not only our own pain, but our susceptibility to the pain of others. That is our empathy. There is no guarantee that the difficulties our Syrian brothers and sisters have experienced in the last 11 years, and the last enlightened Ukrainians, will not occur in other countries in the future. As Turkey, we will continue to support those in need without discrimination within the framework of an understanding of civilization that regards humanity as the most prestigious creation.

“There is no embargo between alliances.”

In the spirit of alliance solidarity, Turkey will continue to contribute to NATO’s deterrence and defense measures. We expect the same solidarity from our allies. The success of Turkey’s defense industry products is clear, but there is no reasonable reason to justify the obstacles encountered in this area. It is in our common interest to remove the restrictions imposed on the defense industry by some allies. Open and secret embargoes should not be discussed, implemented, or even included in the agenda among allies. I have openly shared our expectations for this issue with our leaders.

“We will continue to meet Putin and Zelensk.”

Especially at the meeting between Zelensky and us, he himself wanted Turkey to act as an intermediary for this business. There is no such thing as Russia’s opposition to it. At the meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and my Minister of Foreign Affairs, it is said that he showed a positive attitude toward this as well. If there are any positive requests or offers for Turkish mediation at a meeting with the leader during this process, we hope we are already ready for it. Whether this is Ankara or another state, we said we are ready to take this step by holding this conference here.

Our contact continues in a positive direction with Mr Putin and in a positive direction with Mr Zelensky. Our policy is mostly peaceful. This is because if you take any method other than peace policy, you will lose immediately. In fact, the current situation shows this. Our hope is to continue this search and be able to study your work with this search. I will continue to do my best.

Erdogan-Macron Conference

As you know, France runs for elections. Our agenda with Mr Macron was this war between Russia and Ukraine when she ran for election. But apart from that, it is a very productive and informative conference about where we came from and many political, military, economic and cultural issues related to Turkey-France relations. We talked in detail with him about where we could go next. My hope is to continue this process as a relationship between Turkey and France, according to post-election trends.

Sanctions on Russia

The obvious truth is this. The majority of NATO member countries act on sanctions. Almost all leaders are of the opinion that methods other than sanctions are ineffective. And as a result, this is the dominant spirit.