Soil police statement caught in a 52.5 kilogram explosive: “The target was Istanbul”

Interior Minister Suleiman Soil issued a statement in Hakkari’s Şemdinli about the arrest of a police officer carrying a 52.5 kilogram explosive in a car. “As a result, the target is Istanbul,” Soil said.


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Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle said police officers caught in explosives in the Yüksekova district of Hakkari were expelled in 2019 and returned to work in a court ruling, “the target was Istanbul.”

Soil spoke live from the Security and Emergency Coordination Center (GAMER) and provided information that a 52.5 kilogram explosive was found in the car of a police officer working in Istanbul, Hackari.

“Artificial Intelligence Analysis Program”

The incident was discovered thanks to an artificial intelligence analysis program by the drug team, and Soil said police came from northern Iraq and an explosive was placed in his car in Shemdinli.

Soil said the vehicle had stopped in Hackari and a total of 52.5 kilograms of rdx-type explosives were found in 133 packages in the trunk during the search, and when the driver’s identity was examined, he understood that he was a police officer. Said it was done. board member. Mr. Soil explained that the police officer in question was dismissed from the profession in 2019 due to the theft of the cable, but returned to the profession by a court decision, “As a result, the target is Istanbul, the point I have seen so far. 52.5 kilograms of explosives are big and important explosives. “

Soil said police registered the vehicle in his name a few days before the incident and the person who planted the explosive gave the vehicle money.

“The purpose of the stop was the use of narcotics.”

CNN Türk Intelligence Chief Nihat Uludağ also shared the information he got about the operation on the live broadcast he joined the channel. Uludag said:

“It can be said that the Hackari State Police team has carried out important activities. 52 kg and a half of plastic explosives in 133 separate capsules. The team has long used an” artificial intelligence program “in drug operations. .. In this program, the team was informed that this vehicle was suspicious. Then the vehicle was detected. The vehicle was seen there for the first time, so I came to the city in no time. And the policeman stopped the car. In fact, their first purpose was to seize drugs. In general, drug dealers engage in such activities. I searched for a vehicle, but there was something that surprised the police. The drug-searching dog did not respond to the vehicle, but the bomb-searching dog did. After that, a closer investigation was conducted and 133 kilograms of plastic explosives were confiscated in a secret compartment of the vehicle.

“Get rid of police officers”

The driver of the vehicle loaded with the bomb was a police officer, Uldag said: “Police investigated whether the police officer was a PKK member or a FETO member, but he was retired. A police officer. Previously in Hakkari until 2020. After serving as an Oriental Officer, he was appointed to Zongle Duck. After being suspended for a general crime, he returned again by a court decision. He was then appointed to Istanbul. To the police station, and to Kiris. But he did not go to his post in Kiris, and this Did not attend the case. There are interesting details in the investigation. This police officer will stay in Van for two days, and he will enter Turkey from Shemdingli in the north. In the Iraq case with a vehicle carrying a bomb. The day before, he was registered with police officers, appeared to have been purchased, and was intended to bring a vehicle with bombs to Istanbul. PKK will deliver these bombs to members of the terrorist organization. “

“Bomb RDX and PETN mix”

Uludağ said the bomb was a mixture of RDX and PETN, according to the first investigation. “These are very effective bombs manufactured in the laboratory environment of European countries. Each of these capsules is powerful enough to blow up a five-story building. European bombs. Investigation of police officers. In his first statement, a police officer said, “I thought he had a gold nugget,” and then he changed his statement, saying it was a “drug.” According to the investigation, the police officer is in debt and intends to abuse his power. He accepted this bomb courier in exchange for 400,000 lira. “

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