Soil: If anyone disturbs the peace of one person in my country, I will make life difficult

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“5. Anchovy and Holon Festival” was held by the Black Sea Association Federation of Istanbul Esenult. Citizens played Holon at the concert while the anchovy was offered to the citizens who attended the event. Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle, who met with the public at the festival, said he had brought President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s greetings to the public and issued a series of statements.

“If anyone in my country is attracting joy, I will save my life.”

Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle said he had come across bad news about Esenult on television, saying: Esenyurt is almost the most beautiful place in Istanbul. It is one of the most beautiful places with the opening of the strait to the air, people and Thrace. But sometimes I watch it on TV and get news. Needless to say, that’s my responsibility. Over the years, we’ve come to Esenult many times, whether you know or don’t know. Esenyurt’s security responsibility is our responsibility. It is our duty to fight drugs at Esenyurt and break those men’s legs. Esenyut is the place where most foreigners and immigrants live in Istanbul. It is our duty to sit here in a certain way and way. I want to express it again. It is my duty to send the children safely, where everyone from the scene to the neighborhood respects each other, but at least my mom is safe. I swear to God. If anyone disturbs the peace of only one person in my country, I will make life difficult, I will hurt, and I will hurt him, “he said.

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“Turkey is not old Turkey. We will change its history.”

Minister Soil, who said the nation is functioning more effectively in the affected areas, said: Watching the earthquake on black-and-white television never forgets that the nation has recently reached its most difficult time. Citizens said, “Where is this nation? There are citizens waiting for me, but late on my site. Please be aware that this is not the case in the 21st century, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Not true. Everyone is witnessing this. At the first moment of the problem, all the managers of the state, all the agencies, local governments and non-governmental organizations are there and praise Allah. Turkey is not an old Turkey. We have changed its history. Currently, there is no sentence like “Where is this nation?” But “Let Allah not afflict the nation and the nation.” “He said.

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“We’re hungry, so we’re supporting you today.”

Minister Soil said Turkey survived on its own, saying: You respect our president. That day is a day of unity, and that day is a day of unity. Today is the day to overcome all these difficulties together. If we trusted Europe and America, NATO, and the world’s global clubs, they would have established a terrorist corridor from northern Iraq to Afrin today. I’ve cut my navel, so I’m standing today. “

“We closed the PKK book”

Soil emphasizes that Turkey is effective not only in its own security but also in the surrounding area, saying: “Yesterday I was in Diyarbakir. Until the past moment, people are peaceful. There is no fear of terrorism. We were in Van yesterday and shouted there. I closed the PKK book. What is behind it. Trust us, trust us. My dear compatriots, this country is a wonderful country. Anyone who claims that this country is weakening Anyone who tries to break our hopes is unfair to our country and our past. This country is a rich country and this country is a powerful country. We bring peace not only to 780,000 square kilometers, but also to the geography around us. There is still much to do. Let the world hear. We bring peace to Iraq and peace to Syria. And bring peace to Afghanistan. We will save the world from the invasion of the West, America and Europe. “