Soccer is not ungrateful-last sports news


Arda Turan saw the summit and I experienced a sharp decline.Today’s Galatasaray He has not renewed his contract. Soccer or ungrateful soccer player?

If there’s an empty phrase that everyone is talking about, it’s “soccer is ungrateful …”. Soccer is by no means ungrateful. When you were young, no one dreamed of you. It’s a game that takes you to places you can’t even football. Especially if you have the opportunity to play with the Big 4 teams, it opens the door to a completely different world. Arda Turan; Starting from Bayrampaşa and finally to Turkey Before returning to Barcelona Ascending player.But in soccer Unfortunately not yesterday … After playing for a team like Barcelona, ​​I had a hard time understanding that he was back in Basakshehir. If you got yourself today Problem if the winning team does not sign the contract It’s not soccer.

You can’t wait on the stars
Mesut Özil He came to turkey, Sign Fenerbahce When I threw it, the ground moved. Get out today … How do you interpret this problem?
Mesut Özil’s talent is indisputable. Everyone knows his career. His career is important, but he needs to consider the performance of his team’s soccer players while transferring alone. happy Ozil’s experience at Arsenal In the middle, the rhythm of the match is completely Lost and physically Has decreased significantly Fenerbahce’s Transfer is a big mistake Introduced today. When you add such a player to your team, unfortunately you can’t afford to wait for bystanders. In other words, if you play, you will have problems, and if you do not play, you will have problems.

Adana Iron In the race
Trabzonspor And the other three For big teams Look at the championship This is a race How is the season? Surprise team Included in the race Could you?
Seasonal reviews can be misleading.because Soccer is weird game. After the transfer by the team last season Besiktas Everyone looks away In the championship race I saw it first. However, after the start of the season, something unexpected happened. The difference between Galatasaray, Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor could increase to 20 points. This season Against the big 4 Antalyaspor, Adana Demirspor, Basakse Hill Championship To the race Their ability to participate Not surprising.

Giant League material and material condition!
Trabzonspor Champion The odds of staying in a group of leagues give you According to what?The shortcomings of the team are complete Is it …?
Being able to participate in the Champions League is financially and morally important. Therefore, the expectations of the Trabzonspor community are high.But there is another truth Champions The leagues are very different and high level LANE. First of all, it is important to decide which team to play in the playoffs and what strategy to play depending on the team to play.Transfers made (Ellen Erumari, Doguchan Hasporat, Denswill, Larsen) I rate it positively. As the transfer continues, I think the shortage will be resolved. Maximum for me The downside is that Nuwakaeme has left the team. He had the ability to hide the ball in front of him and was a name that could change his score at any time. First, after Nuwakaeme, it is necessary to transfer a player suitable for his ability. Otherwise, all the negative consequences of Trabzospor bring this situation to the fore.


YUSUF must stay in Europe
Should Yusuf Yajichi return to Trabzonspor?How Do you have a transfer?
It would be a much better decision to fight for the team in Europe than to return Yusuf Yajichi to Turkey. He’s still young Possible development. It is true that he has the ability to contribute if he is transferred to Trabzonspor.

Intensifying competition with reservation leagues
TFF decision to bring the Reserve League to life I took it. Is it useful?
In recent years, the football federation has Best decision It should be interpreted as follows because I was lucky with the team In terms of improving the performance of players you didn’t give It’s very important. Players who have never played in the league There is a state of resentment. In the Reserve League After having the opportunity to play, he will show off his performance again. According to him, going to Team A will increase competition.
The travel ban has been lifted. Would you like to comment on the decision?
The removal of away bans adds a different color to the league. Soccer is good for fans. Getting to another city on that bus or plane is as exciting as the enthusiasm of team lovers at the stands.Important thing 4 big teams This applies to matches between them. Is it …? Or will the old system continue?