Snowfall enhances its effect!Snow holiday news came from many cities

Snowfall, which has begun to be effective especially in the inland and eastern parts of the country, will continue to be effective in much larger areas tomorrow. The Directorate General of Meteorology continues to warn, but the tentative explanation of education comes from the Governor.


The Istanbul Governor’s Office has announced that all education and training institutions will be suspended from tomorrow to Monday regarding the expected snowfall in the city.

According to data received from the Regional Meteorological Bureau, a statement from the Governor-General of Istanbul stated that an orange warning was issued in Istanbul and a series of measures were taken.

In the statement From tomorrow, all public and private basic and secondary education institutions, public education centers, mature institutions, private education courses, car driver courses, various courses, special education and rehabilitation centers, public school support and training courses, Strengthening Courses All educational institution activities, including Koran courses and kindergarten classes for private schools aged 4 to 6 years, will be suspended until Monday, March 14th. It was recorded.

In a statement, the activities of private kindergartens, day care centers and children’s clubs attached to the Ministry of Family and Social Services were suspended until Monday, March 14. “In line with the consultation with the President of the University of Istanbul, our state’s higher education is for workers and other staff except for our institutions, civil servants, security, health and transportation services, March 10, 2022. It will be held on Sunday and Thursday. They have been decided to be eligible for administrative leave. ” I was told.


The snowfall that began in the city yesterday evening had a negative impact on our lives. Bitlis, Due to bad weather, education was suspended for one day in the city center and in all public and private educational institutions in the Mutoki, Hizan, Guroymac and Tatvan districts. explained.

Pregnant and disabled are also on leave

The statement also states that pregnant and disabled employees working in public institutions and organizations are eligible for leave.


The school in Bayburt was closed in the afternoon due to bad weather.

According to the information received from the State Department of Education, in line with the weather data reported in the weather forecast report, Snowfall continues all day, so all schools in the city will be closed in the afternoon.

In this context, the activities of private and rehabilitation centers and public education centers in the city center were also suspended.


Due to bad weather, bus education was suspended in Kars and afternoon education was suspended at all institutions in Sarıkamıs, Selim and Digor districts.

Snowfall adversely affects the lives of the city center, Sarıkamıs, Selim and Digor districts.

Schools in the central and village areas of these districts, which continued to rain, were closed this afternoon.

Also, today, bus education in the city center was suspended.


It was reported that bus training in Tunceli was suspended today due to bad weather.

A statement from the governor’s office said that traffic was sometimes disrupted due to effective snowfall in the city.

It was pointed out today that bus education has been suspended in the city center and in all districts to prevent damage to students.

sauce: DHA