Snow warning! Breaking News: Meteorology has given time for snowfall and warned! When will the snowstorm at Aybar end? How is the weather in Istanbul from March 12-13-14?

Snow warning with meteorological map and clock! When will Aybar end?

Very cloudy in our country in eastern Marmara, eastern Black Sea (excluding Giresun), eastern and southeastern Anatolia, Tekirdag, Balıkesir, Kutahya, Usak, Afillon Karahisar and Mersin, according to a previous assessment by the Meteorological Administration. am. It is estimated that there will be intermittent rains in the circles of North and West of Adana, Osmaniye, Hatai, Ankara, Eskisehir, South and East of Karaman, South of Nigde, Bol, Zonguldak, Karabuk and Dusse.

Heavy rain in the Sea of ​​Marmara

Precipitation is expected in the form of rain, sleet, and snow in other areas of high rainfall, such as southeastern Anatolia, around Mersin, Hatay, and Osmaniye. It is expected to be strong locally around Istanbul, Bursa, Barquesir, Yalova, Mus and Bitlis.

When is the snow in Istanbul?

According to the last minute information and the latest assessments received from meteorology, there will be intermittent, locally heavy snowfall in Istanbul today.

Heavy snowfall in Istanbul in the evening

As of this evening, it is estimated that snowfall, primarily on the European side, will make it even more effective, with heavy thunderstorms in some locations.

Tomorrow will be ineffective in the afternoon

It is expected to snow after noon tomorrow, so you need to be aware of the negative effects of transportation interruptions, icing and frost.

Snow risk in Eastern Anatolia and the Black Sea

There is a risk of avalanches inside the Black Sea and in the highlands, as well as in the snowy slopes of Eastern Anatolia. Accretion and frost are expected throughout our country, except on the Mediterranean coast.

Seasonal subnormal temperature

According to last-minute weather conditions, it is estimated that today it will decrease by 2-4 degrees in the east, with no major changes elsewhere, and will be lower than normal for the national season.

Wind speed increases to 80KM

Winds are generally light from the north, on the eastern Mediterranean coast and southeast, light and sometimes calm from the south, strong (40-60 km / h), strong and short-termstorm (40-60 km / h) from north and northwest to north of Marmara. -It is estimated to blow at a speed of 80 km / h).

According to the latest forecasts, the expected temperature and weather conditions in our state are as follows:

Ankara: -1, partly very cloudy, with intermittent snowfall after noon.

Istanbul: 1, mostly cloudy, intermittent, locally strong sleet and snowfall.

Izmir: 6, partially and very cloudy.

KOCAEL0054: 1, mostly cloudy and intermittent snowfall.

Manisa: 5, partly very cloudy.

A.KARAH0054SAR: -4, partly very cloudy, with slight snowfall after noon.

Adana: 12, partly very cloudy, northern in the morning, western with rain and showers after noon.

Antalya: 11, partly very cloudy.

HATAY: 11, partly very cloudy, intermittent rain after noon.

ESK0054Ş EH0054R: -2, partly very cloudy, with intermittent snowfall after noon.

Kayseri: -2, partly very cloudy.

BOLU: -3, mostly cloudy, light snow in the morning.

Zonguldak: 0, mostly cloudy, sleet, snowfall, until noon locally.

Samsung: 4, partly very cloudy.

Trabzon: 4, mostly cloudy, with localized snowfall at night.

R0054ZE: 3, very cloudy, locally intermittent sleet, internal and high snowfall.

Erzurum: -4, almost cloudy, intermittent snowfall.

SARS: -3, mostly cloudy, intermittent snowfall.

Malatya: 3, mostly cloudy, with localized snowfall in the evening.

VAN: 0, very cloudy, light snow in northern and southern counties.

Diyarbakir: 6, almost cloudy, intermittent sleet and high altitude snowfall.

Gaziantep: 6, mostly cloudy, rainy after noon, sometimes sleet at night.

Siirt: 5, mostly cloudy, locally intermittent sleet and snowfall.

Sanliurfa: 9, mostly cloudy, rainy in the evening, sleet in the highlands.