Snow alert … Leave of absence for civil servants and workers-currently

Expected snowfall in Istanbul has appeared in the Arnavutköy district. Precipitation, which is expected to last for four days, began on the Marmara Highway in northern Arnavutköy and in the Yassıören district, according to weather forecasts. Meteorology issued another statement warning caution and caution. On the other hand, the airline was canceled due to rain.

After a meteorological warning, it began to snow in Istanbul. It snowed on the Arnavutköy Northern Marmara Highway and the Yassıören Neighborhood.

Cancellation has started

Turkish Airlines (THY) has canceled a total of 205 flights from Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport tomorrow due to expected snowfall in Istanbul.

A statement from the THY Press Office said, “Because of the expected snowfall in Istanbul, the flight was canceled at Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport on March 10 according to the decision of MADKOM (Meteorological Emergency Commission).” It is stated.

The flight details are as follows:

“A total of 185 flights canceled at Istanbul Airport. Of these, 114 are domestic flights and 71 are international flights. 20 Anador Jet Airlines are canceled at Sabiha Gokcen Airport. All domestic flights. A total of 205 flights are canceled. As a result of the increase in the number of cancellations

Organization to Metro Course

Due to expected snowfall in Istanbul, the metro service period has been extended from Wednesday, March 9th to Sunday, March 13th. According to a statement from Metro Istanbul, “M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M9 Metro, F1 Cable Car from Wednesday, March 9th to Sunday, March 13th, due to expected snowfall in Istanbul. , T1 T4, T5 tram routes have been extended until 02:00.

The Ministry of Transport Infrastructure also announced that due to the expected heavy snowfall in Istanbul, Marmalai flights will continue from March 9th to 13th at 02:00.

Search education

Education in Istanbul was interrupted due to snow barriers. Training was suspended from tomorrow to March 14th.

In a statement by the Governor of Istanbul, it was announced that the university was also on vacation. “In consultation with the President of the University of Istanbul, it was decided to suspend higher education in our state until Monday, March 14, 2022.” I was told.

Bol’s snow and fog

At the intersection of Mt. Bol’s D-100 road, visibility was reduced to 30 meters, while light snow and fog were effective at intervals.

At the intersection of the Bol Mountain D-100 Road connecting Istanbul and Ankara, it snowed lightly in the morning. Snowfall did not interfere with transportation, but fog was also effective on the route. Visibility dropped to 30 meters in places due to fog. The crew took precautions along the way.

Single description

Istanbul Governor Ali Erikaya also shared an explanation of meteorology.As of Thursday, March 10, Istanbul is expected to experience heavy snowfall, Poira’s storms, and cold weather, according to the latest data from the Meteorological Bureau. Please be vigilant. ” I warned.

In a warning from the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD), “As of Thursday, heavy snowfall is expected in Istanbul. Please be careful.”

Warning meteorology

According to a statement by the Directorate General of the Meteorological Analysis and Forecast Center, “As of Thursday, March 10, it is estimated that heavy snowfall, storms in the northeast, and strong cold (6 to 10 degrees lower than normal in the season) will be effective. 2022, the entire state of Istanbul.

Heavy snowfall (10-20 cm snowfall) is expected throughout the state, with strong winds and storms blowing from the northeast in the northern part of the city and Bosphorus, and heavy snowfall (snow cover). 20cm or more) It has the effect of the sea.

According to the latest assessments, Istanbul’s cold, snowfall and strong winds are expected to continue until early next week.

You need to be aware of negatives such as transport interruptions, icing and frost, types, poor visibility during precipitation, trees, falling poles, and flying roofs.

It is important for citizens and authorities to follow current weather forecasts and warning reports issued by the Directorate General of Meteorology.

The last situation on the road

According to IMM traffic density map data, road conditions in Istanbul are at 50% level at 10am and there is no density on pre-snow roads.

Search education at KARS

In the afternoon, schools were closed due to snowfall and its type in three districts. This was effective in callus.

The snowfall that began at night in the city was effective in Sarıkamıs, Selim and Digor districts. It was announced that education was interrupted in the afternoon in the three districts due to continued rain and typing in the morning. The district governor’s statement said the school was closed due to bad weather expected to continue in the afternoon.

On the other hand, the roads in the two villages in the Akika area were closed due to snowfall.

It was effective in KOCAEL ו

Snowfall has begun to be effective in the highlands of Kokaeri.

Snowfall that started high up in the city last night continues today on a regular basis. A team from the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality worked on snow shovels and salting all night on snow-covered roads. Holidaymakers who came to Cartepe for a day also enjoyed the snow. The vacationers enjoyed sliding on a snow-covered sledding.

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