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After a performance at Fenerbahce under the control of Ismail Kartal, Seldal Dursan, who was invited to the national team for the first time in his career by Stefan Kuntz, did not embarrass the German teacher with his performance. The German-born striker, who wore a crescent and star jersey that had been missing for years, became Kuntz’s legitimate pride in his success for the first time on October 11, 2021 against Latvia. Selder left the mark in the tournament by scoring four goals in three UEFA Nations League games, but was able to hit the net seven times in seven games.

Burak Yılmaz did not look for his absence
The national striker, who scored a goal in 13 of the 14 shots made in the Turkish jersey, changed his signature to 7 and recorded a high hit rate of 92%. The 30-year-old striker, who gave the national team a lot of power, scored five of his goals later in the game. Seldal Dursan also made up for the lack of an experienced name in his performance after Brak Yurumatsu said goodbye to the national team.

“We have nothing to do with single player”
Stefan Kuntz, “According to the form chart, can Serdal Dursan be our first striker from now on?” “If you think of one player, it weakens. Of the attacking player I’m very happy with the performance. The more players who have the ability to score goals, the better for me, “he replied.

-Serdal Dursan’s debut continues with the national team. Is it Jorge Jesus’ best choice?

GÜRCAN BSTRUCT LG וÇ: The load this season is too heavy
Fenerbahce needs serious competition at the forefront. Therefore, they transfer the striker. Even in jersey battles, tough battles will take place. Serdal Dursan is a very experienced player. Ismail Cartal also played an important role in his system. He also has the ability to prepare for a midfielder position. But he is improving his team performance. If the team was good, it was good too. What Fenerbahce needs is a striker who can responsibly score when the team is bad. Jesus also considers this detail. After all, he is strong. I already have a producer. The main feature of Selder is his character, who plays a unified role in the team. The burden of this season is very heavy. For this reason, Fenerbahce seriously needs a higher level striker.

ÖMERÜRÜN DÜL-Not a first class square, but a contribution to the greatness of the team
Whenever Serdal Dursan is asked, I share the same opinion. He’s not a top striker, but he’s very helpful to his team. He is physically strong and can press and score goals with his head and feet. Of course, looking at the situation in Fenerbahce, if you don’t buy a new striker, he’s already number one … but there’s an incident and you can buy a quality striker. In addition, Berisha, who had no presence last season, can explode with Jorge Jesus. Of course, how the new name contributes is a question mark. Many talented strikers ended their performance in Istanbul with a blunder. The last example is Batshuay, Belgium, who came to Besiktas. In such cases, Serdar will be the number one owner of the jersey.

AL0054 GÜL T0054 KEN-Competition strengthens him
His goal on the national team made us all smile. Before the formation of the Fenerbahce squad, it is not easy to say whether Selder will be Jesus’ “number one” without seeing a new transfer. But last season he gave a very clear message that this could happen. Berisha was transferred as the first striker, but Selder, who sat on the bench and took advantage of the opportunity, picked up the jersey. So soccer. It’s all about using performance and your luck right. What he experienced last season also contributed to Selder’s understanding of the philosophy of being a great team player. Personally, I expect the same performance this season. In addition, the player transferred to the striker position will greatly contribute to his performance in the competition he creates.