Slow explanation: The driver started working in Ankara

Bus and minibus drivers gathered in front of the Ankara metropolitan area have demanded that public transport fares be raised by at least “10 TL” in order to raise fuel prices. “Our citizens or our municipalities to meet these demands.” “Our private public transport merchants in Ankara accept our solution suggestions in a statement we made today. , I started working again, “he said in a statement.


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Drivers of private public and minibuses in Ankara have closed their contacts to protest the rise in fuel prices. Bus and minibus drivers gathered in front of the Ankara metropolitan area demanded that public transport fares be raised by at least “10 TL” in order to raise fuel.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan, has issued a statement regarding the decision to close contacts for public-private buses and Dolmus stores. Yabash said it is not possible to do the hikes required by private public and minibus owners, saying: At least 8 lira, the free transportation costs set by the Ministry of Family and Social Services are also inadequate and must be borne by the municipality. In today’s economic situation, citizens and municipalities cannot meet these demands.

They started working

Mansur Yavas later announced that the driver had accepted the request and started working. Yavaş, who issued a statement on a social media account, said, “Our private public transport merchants in Ankara accepted our solution suggestions in today’s statement and started working again. We are always me. We continue to support merchants and citizens with our solutions-a directional understanding of local governments. “

Mansur Yavaş’s statement regarding the driver’s request for a 10TL increase is as follows:

“From the day I took office, I started to provide services for the benefit of the citizens. Especially during the pandemic period, I worked non-stop to minimize the troubles of 6 million Ankara citizens, and it was exemplary. Showed solidarity. Together with the whole world.

In the process, we have provided a lot of support not only to public transport merchants, but to all merchant groups. During the most intense periods of the pandemic, we gathered together with merchants applications such as masks, disinfectants, and transparent cabinets. Apart from that, during the pandemic we provided a total of 90 million lira financial support to our private public buses and Dolmus stores. For example, the ministry provides private public bus merchants working in the center with a monthly support of 178,000 lira, but our municipality still supports the same artisan group with a monthly support of 3 million 216,000 lira. .. In short, our municipality provides carriers about 20 times more support. This was recorded as an unprecedented support in Ankara’s history. Our purpose here is, on the one hand, to assist merchants and, on the other hand, not to sacrifice our citizens more in these economic situations.

Owners of private public and minibus stores have a transportation cost of at least 8 lira and free transportation as determined by the Ministry of Family, as fuel costs increased when we arrived, especially during the last period. Social services demanding fees are covered by our municipality because it is inadequate. In today’s economic situation, neither citizens nor municipalities can meet these demands.

I would like to reiterate that the question of who is shipped free of charge is determined by law, not by municipality. Therefore, as a municipality, we do not have the right to speak here by law. In January alone, 1 million people were transported free of charge on 333 public buses. In the same month, 1 million 145,000 passengers were shipped at a discounted price, and 678 million benefited from student subscriptions.

On January 5, 2022, due to increased costs, the per capita transportation cost was 6.5 TL, but we decided to set a new fare of 4.5 TL and provided students with 225 boarding passes for 75 TL per month.

Costs have increased by an average of 70% since the last price increase on January 5, 2022. Since then, only fuel has increased by 79%. According to these figures, the total revenue of our EGO Directorate General is no longer able to meet fuel costs alone. Currently, the cost of public transport per person is 10.5 lira. For example, EGO Directorate’s total revenue was 61,0586 thousand liras in January alone, while fuel costs alone were 68,482,000 liras. This figure does not include electricity, labor, maintenance and other costs.

-2 lira per passenger carrying free to 199 ÖHO merchants,

-3TL per passenger, free of charge to 134 ÖTA merchants.

We will also carry 4 lira per passenger for free, including a proposal to assist district ELV merchants with 207 validators on the agenda of the city council.

Support will be provided if a district ELV merchant who does not have 200 validators and 2231 Dolmus stores installs validators.

All of this support is provided to prevent the harm of merchants, keep ticket prices low so as not to afflict civilians, and prevent the abuse faced by martyrs, veterans, persons with disabilities and relatives of civilians. You are 65 years of age or older and have the right to ride for free.

In addition, if these offers are not accepted, we will suspend the main business of the municipality as necessary, and will continue to support with the help of citizens as it is now, without increasing the cost of EGO. Bus as long as it can withstand the economic situation. It is our priority for citizens who are already suffering from financial difficulties to take a piece of bread home without suffering any more. “

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