Six Questions from Murat Kurum to the Opposition

At the ceremony attended in Ankara, Minister Murat Krumm asked the opposition six questions.

Murat Krumm, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, is in the Mamak district. “Dutluk Neighborhood Urban Transformation Project” Participated in the lottery ceremony for 548 units, and the construction was completed in the 7th stage.

At the ceremony, Minister Krum said that Ankara is no longer the old Ankara, but will continue to serve the Turkish people and Ankara in an unprecedented project.

6 Questions from Murat Kurum to Opposition-Video

Opponent asked 6 questions

Minister Kulm also criticized the opposition at the ceremony, “We asked them,’How do you prepare Turkey for an earthquake?’ You can’t get an answer.

So far, we have built 3 million new homes. We have made 12 million homeowners. This is unprecedented in the world. Let’s ask them. “Are you going to put it on it?

How many families do you host? You can’t get the answer.

“What is your green space goal?” Frankly, you will never get the answer again.

“What do you do about property?” You can’t get the answer.

Because they don’t have such a problem. “What is your project against terrorism? What is your goal in the city where our Kurdish brothers live?” Ask, never get the answer again. “ I used the phrase.

“Ankara is no longer ankara 30 years ago.”

At the ceremony held at the Nejimettin El Bacan Congress Center, Minister Kulm said: “Ankara is our passion, the center of our big goals, the window to see the world. Ankara is no longer Ankara 30 years ago. Under the leadership of the President, we can hear the voice of the people and complete the project. The investment has been completed at an unprecedented pace in the world and is offered to serve the people of Mamak and Ankara. Our motto is always “Ankara does not have enough service. We We will always do better and more. “ I used the phrase.

6 Questions from Murat Kurum to Opposition # 2

“We have returned the citizens of Mama to their safe and warm homes.”

Minister Kulm said he kept his promise with a post shared on his Twitter account. “We kept our promise with my uncle Mehmet and took fellow citizens from Mamak to a safe and warm home with the transformation of the city. Uncle Mehmet and all his family are in a healthy, happy and new home. May I live … #MamakConversion Mamak / Ankara ” Said.

The Minister of Institution drew a lot on 548 homes in Ankara Mak-Video

6 Questions from Murat Kurum to Opposition # 3

“Welcome to our Mamakuri country in our home”

In a post he shared on Minister Kulm’s Twitter account, “At Mamak, we handed over 548 homes completed by the urban transformation of the Duturk district to legitimate owners by lottery. We hope that the historic and cultural texture of the capital will help our peers. . ” Said.

6 Questions from Murat Kurum to Opposition # 4

“We have completed the transformation of 3 million homes.”

The Minister of the Organization reminded us that the earthquake of the last century killed 80,000 people. “We considered the most sacred health of our country. We said,” The only way to improve the quality of life for our people is to transform the city. ” A single district of Ankara that we have not transformed So far, we have launched an urban transformation project of 65,000 homes in the capital, mainly Altındağ, Mamak, Kuzeiankara, Shinkan and Yenimahale. Approximately 39,000 citizens Deliver them to the transformation of new black tree ferns, and to our beneficiaries who are excitedly waiting in the hall. New Mom’s Value The Ak Transformation project first solved real estate issues and then built a new home. “ He said.

6 Questions from Murat Kurum to Opposition # 5

“Buildings that have not participated in the transformation of the city will remain.”

Noting that a total of 4000 921 homes will be built in Mamak within the scope of the New Mamak Transformation Project, the ministerial agency said: “We have secured the lives and property safety of more than 12 million citizens together. Last year alone we carried out the transformation of 80,000 earthquakes. Currently, with a total investment of 350,000 homes. It continues to transform. Its value on the ground is 120 billion lira. By 2035, we hope that there will be no untransformed buildings in the earthquake-prone areas of Turkey. I used the phrase.