Six leaders have been decided and two committees have been established: what will be the committee’s agenda?

Ankara – The second meeting of leaders of six political parties opposed to developing the field of dialogue and cooperation “on the way to the alliance” was hosted by the DEVA party. At the 2nd Summit, which agreed on a memorandum of understanding on the transition to the parliamentary system, the main agenda and current developments in economic and foreign policy were the “roadmap for the transition to the parliamentary system.” “Parliamentary Cabinet System” and “Election Security”. It was decided to form a working group on both issues.

“Comfortable as a family”

The meeting was held in a warmer atmosphere, unlike the first meeting on February 12, according to information obtained from staff of party leaders who attended the meeting. In an interview of about five hours, it was rated as “as comfortable as the family environment.”


One of the highlights of the meeting was the election bill submitted to Congress with the joint signature of the AK Party and MHP. The chairs of the six parties also described the proposal as “an arrangement aimed at uniting the opposition.” Along with the comment, “A proposal to attempt an alliance and break the table,” the determination that “the defenders of democracy will continue to unite” was expressed. “We want the public to know that democracy-based unity is unaffected by these political and engineering efforts. We are determined to harmonize our cooperation,” he said.


In a written statement of six party leaders, it was pointed out that decisions were not made within the expected “possible alliance principles and values” in the agenda of the meeting. .. Sources said the issue was addressed not as a separate topic, but as part of the Commission’s work formed for a future “roadmap of the migration process.” Other topics will be opened depending on the progress of each step, according to sources who describe the work done by the six leaders as “step by step”.

The most important step in the alliance process will be the migration contract

According to the information obtained, the committee established for the transition process first defines the process up to the election. Then consider a calendar for the transition to a post-election parliamentary system. In this process, the president decides how much power he will use, how much power he will use, and by what mechanism he will use it. If you win the election, there will be discussions about what should be done in the first place, changes in the law and the constitution, and what the law can do. This work is then submitted to the leader for approval. If approved by the leaders, another important step in the six-party alliance process will be taken.

Risk is determined by election security and solutions are combined

One of the key issues agreed at the summit was the decision to cooperate for the security of the election. According to the information obtained, the working group established to ensure the security of elections will represent the organizations of the six political parties, the heads of election issues and information technology. Working group parties share past election experiences, identify problems and risks, evaluate examples of good practices, and combine them. Common work areas are determined, such as the integrity of the members of the Election Commission and the immediate intervention of troublesome situations by joining a common pool of lawyers. Within the scope of this work, with the help of force, we will close the open space and reinforce the good side. Each party appoints the establishment of a committee this week. The Commission is expected to hold its first meeting shortly after this mission.

The names of the candidates and the alliance were not spoken

According to the information obtained, issues such as possible alliance structure and name were not discussed at the meeting. Leaders determined the tendency for joint nominations, but the issue of presidential candidates was not a topic discussed. Work done through the Commission, such as the roadmap for the transition process and election security, has been focused so far, sources say, and the issue of alliances and co-candidates will be a topic that the Governor will decide in the future. Will be. He pointed out that he had to wait for the election bill to pass, and said that all six parties would follow the parliamentary process.

The third meeting will be hosted by the Democratic Party

The next meeting of the six opposition leaders will be hosted by the Democratic Party. Hosted by Democratic Chairman Gültekin Uysal, the conference will take place in the last week of Ramadan. The summit meeting, which is scheduled to be held regularly once a month, will be held by the Future Party, the Felicity Party, and the Felicity Party, respectively.