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The Zyrat Turkey Cup is in the final stages in stages. Today, one of the Cup’s surprise teams, Sivaspor and Alanyaspor, will be back in the fight. This contest can be viewed live on the A Spor channel and is not encrypted. The match is also broadcast on the ASpor website. Apart from the broadcast information, the broadcast schedule is also being investigated by soccer fans. So when and when does Sivasspor Alanyaspor match? Meanwhile, the Turkish Football Federation. In the semi-final rematch, referee Atilla Karaoğlan was assigned. Karaoğlan’s assistant and VAR and AVAR referees have also been announced. Here’s how to watch a match of Sivaspor Alanyaspor via satellite and the internet …

How to watch Sivasspor Alanyaspor Match live?

Sivasspor Alanyaspor matches can be watched live and unencrypted on our country’s ASpor channel. ASpor, which is a satellite broadcast, has switched to Internet broadcasting in addition to satellite broadcasting. In other words, no TV. Sivas Alanya matches can be viewed from ASpor’s website via an internet-based device. Apart from these two addresses TUM SPOR Visit this page to stay up to date on the latest developments in the match.

When is the match?

The match of Sivaspor Alanyaspor, which Turkish football fans are waiting for with interest, will begin on Wednesday, May 11th, at 20.30. The match will take place at Jeni 4 Eille Stadium, the home of Shivas. The temperature in the city at the time of the game was 9 degrees Celsius, and it is expected to pass without precipitation. Igido, who had his advantage in his pocket in the first match, is now playing at home with the support of his fans.

Match start 11



Both teams will announce the first 11 players on their social media accounts with one hour left.

Spor satellite and frequency information and settings

Thousands of people are known to have followed the match from the Yeni4 Eylül stadium, where the second team to the final will be decided. However, more than the audience on the stand is displayed on the screen. Therefore, the Spor satellite and frequency information are one of the interesting details. The frequency information and settings for the sports channel are as follows:

  • Of the main control of the TV[設定]Press the button.

  • Select the TÜRKSAT 4A satellite from here.

  • Write 12054 in the frequency part.

  • Fix the polarization section in an H horizontal shape.

  • And finally, add the number 27500 to the symbol button.

As soon as you complete these steps, you can power cycle your TV and watch ASpor via the TÜRKSAT 4A satellite. On the other hand, the A Spor channel is also available to commercial broadcasters.

  • Digiturk: ​​Channel 88

  • D-Smart: Channel 80

  • CableTV: Channel 224

  • Analog CableTV: S 16

  • Turkcell TV: 72 channels

  • TV: Channel 81

  • Vodafone TV: Channel 71

If you still cannot watch ASpor by dialing the channel number above, you can update your satellite information.

Alanyaspor Coach Francesco Farioli

Match ticket price

  • VIP Bottom: 30 TL

  • Marathon Bottom: 20 TL

  • Marathon Top: 20 TL

  • South bottom: 10 TL

  • South Top: 10 TL

Alanyaspor match tickets were sold by Sivasspor Management through the PassoLig system prior to the competition where the path to the finals was decided. Thousands of people flocked to the New 4 Eylül stadium while thousands of Yiğido tickets were requested.

Referee staff

  • Atilla Karaoğlan (Referee)

  • Aleks Taşcıoğlu (1st Assistant Referee)

  • Dennis Canner Ozaral (Second Assistant Referee)

  • Can Cengiz (4th referee)

  • Osguryankaya (VAR)

  • Ceyhun Sesigüzel (AVAR)

  • Ozan Ergun (AVAR)

The Turkish Football Federation also announced VAR and AVAR referees during the day.

A match between Sivaspor and Alanyaspor! Which team won more?

Sivasspor and Alanyaspor have shared the trump card 12 times so far. Today’s match is the 13th meeting of the two teams. Sivasspor has won five times in 12 games between the two teams. Alanyaspor managed to win four times. Equality has not been broken in all four games. Alanyaspor responded with 13 goals to 11 goals of Iid in 13 games.

The final match between the two teams took place on April 25th at the New 4 Eille Stadium. Sivasspor won the match with a score of 1-0. Sivas and Alaniya met for the first time in history at the Turkish Cup on September 26, 2007. Alanyaspor won the match 1-0 and proceeded to the next round.

In the first match played by the two teams in the ZTK semi-finals this season, there are 10 remaining Siva Spor. He scored a goal in overtime and won 2-1. Emre Akbaba scored Alaniya’s only goal in the match. In Sivass, Yatabare and Kerem Atagan Kesgin were one of the players who contributed to the score.