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Kayserispor and Sivaspor faced each other in the Turkish Cup final at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. Sivaspor became the champion after defeating Kaiser Sipole 3-2 in overtime in a match that ended with a regular time of 1-1.

Kayserispor finished the first half 1-0 with a goal from Ramazan Civelek in the 33rd minute.

Sivaspor tied the goal of Apandan Goe in the 60th minute: 1-1. There were no other goals during normal hours of the match and the match was overtime.

Sivaspor, who took the lead with Gradel in the 95th minute of overtime, reacted with Ilhan Parrak in the 107th minute: 2-2. Konat had the last word of the match at 113 minutes: 2-3.

Sivaspor, who won the field 3-2, brought the Turkish Cup to the museum for the first time in history.

Siva Spor robs European ticket

The Cup winner, Demir Group Sivaspor, will join the UEFA Europa League from the playoff round.

Red and white will be promoted to the group if they pass the qualifying round after the match on August 18-25, and will be played directly in the UEFA Conference League group if they are eliminated.

After finishing the Super League in 10th place this season, Sivaspor advanced to the final by eliminating MKE Ankaraguju, Bandil Maspor, VavaCars Fatih Karagümruk and Alanyaspor in the cup.

Siva Spor is the 16th team to win the cup

Demir Grup Sivasspor has been registered as the 16th team to win the Ziraat Turkey Cup.

In the cup, Galatasaray 18, Besiktas 10, Trabzonspor 9, Fenerbahce 6, Altai, MKE Ankaraguju, Gyoztepe, Genchirelville Rigi, Coca Erispor, Eskisehirspor, Bursaspor, Sakariyaspor, Kayserispor, Atikerkonyaspor, Atikerukonyaspor. Arrived once each.

Luza Charumbay won the first trophy in his coaching career

In the Turkish Cup final, Sivaspor defeated Kayserispor 3-2 in overtime, ending normal time 1-1. Meanwhile, Luzacharumbay won his first trophy as a coach.

Trabzonspor faces in the Super Cup

Demir Grup Sivasspor, who won the Ziraat Turkey Cup, had the right to participate in the TFF Super Cup.

The Sivas team will face SporToto Super League Champion Trabzonspor in a TFF Super Cup match.

The most valuable lungs in the finals

The most valuable player in the Zyrat Turkey Cup final was Yucatel Kayserispor goalkeeper Sylviu Lung.

The lungs, which stood out in the final saves, were voted the most valuable player by post-match press members.

Sivasspor: Everything was up to Sivasspor

Congratulations message from Erdogan!

Congratulations to Sivasspor from Kasapoğlu

Kayserispor: 2-Sivaspor: 3

situation: Ataturk Olympics

Referee: Haril Umut Meller, Mustafa Emre Eisoi, Ibrahim Charal Uyalkan

Kayserispor: Lungs, Onul Brut, Hosseini, Attama (minimum 100 Cardoso), Carol, Kemen (minimum 100 Ilhan Parrak), Ramazan Sibelek (minimum 90 + 3 Ibrahim Akda), Bertolacci (minimum 84 Campanhalo), Emra Bashsan , Tiam (minimum 100 Abdulkadir Finger), Mustafa Pektemek (Min. 78 Gavranovic)

Sivaspor: AliŞasal Vural, Ahmet Oğuz, Appindangoye, Caner Osmanpaşa, Uğur Çiftçi, Hakan Arslan, Erdoğan Yeşilyurt (minimum 99 Kayode), Ulvestad (minimum 120 + 3 Kerem Atakan Kesgin), Fajr (minimum 120 + 3 Kerem Atakan Kesgin) )

Target: Minutes. 33 Ramazan Givelek, Min. 107 Ilhan Parlak (Yukatel Kayserispor), Min. 60 Apandangoe, minutes. 95 grade, minimum 113 Konate (Demir Grup Sivasspor)

yellow card: Minutes. 74 Carol, minimum 105 Ibrahim Akdag, Min 120 + 3 Onur Bulut (Yukatel Kayserispor), Min. 97 Erdogan Yesyurt, Min. 120 + 2 Konate (Demir Grup Sivasspor)