Sivaspor 2-1 Kayserispor (match outline)

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Sivaspor and Kayserispor faced each other in the 38th week of the Sportto Super League Ahmet Juruk season. Sivaspor won 2-1 in a match at the new 4 Eylül stadium, with referee Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu whistling.

Jorge Félix and Kerem Atakan Kesgin scored in the 21st minute, Kerem Atakan Kesgin scored in the 63rd minute, and Kayserispor’s single point was scored in the 56th minute by Miguel Cardoso.

After this result, Sivaspor finished the season with 54 points and Kayserispor finished the season with 47 points.

Fractions from the match (first half)

Goalkeeper Bilal controlled Felix’s headshot in the middle of Jia’s penalty spot in the 5th minute.
In the 21st minute, Kerem fired a free kick and Felix put his head in the penalty area and sent the ball to the net. 1-0
In the 31st minute, Konate entered the penalty area from the left side and GK Bilal stole the ball.

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Minutes from the match (second half)

In the 57th minute, Cardoso, who entered the penalty area from the left side, brought the ball to the net. 1-1 1-1
In the 59th minute, Konat’s kick was in the middle of Kerem’s penalty area, and goalkeeper Bilal controlled the ball.
In the 63rd minute, Kerem put Felix’s foot in the penalty area and sent the ball to the net in front of the goal. 2-1

situation: New September 4th
Referee: Yaşar Kemal Uğurluxx, Özgür Ethem xx, Deniz Caner Özaral xx
DG Sivaspor: Emre xx, Goutas xx, Camara xx, Mehmet xx (Emirhan min .60 xx), Ziya xx, Cofie xx (Kaan min .89?), Özkan xx (Fajr min .84?), Sefa xx, Kerem xxx (Halit min .. 89?) ?), Felix xxx (Uğurmin .84?), Konate xx
Replacement: Muamar, Erdogan, Hakan, Ahmet, Canner
Technical leader: Liza Karin Bay
Y. Kayserispor: Bilal xx, Uğur xx, Kolocetsios xx, Abdulkadir xx, Yasir xx, 0054brahim xx (Janheh min .79?), Carlos xx (Hayrullahmin .46 xx), Cardoso xx, Gökhaün xx (MehmetEray Özbekmin .87?), Gavranovic xx. 0054lhanxx (Ethemmin. 69xx)
Replacement: Cenk, Mehmet Shamil Ozturk, Emin, Kursat, Arif,
Technical leader: Hikumet Karaman
Goal: Felix (minimum 21), Kerem (minimum 63) (Sivaspor), Cardoso (minimum 57) (Y. Kayserispor)

Friendly messages from the two presidents

The leaders of Demir Group Sivaspor and Yucatel Kayserispor, who faced each other in the Sportto Super League match last week, said before the match.

“There is a match where the two Anatolian finalists appear to be a goodwill match in the final match of the league. We congratulated them and welcomed them,” said Medinun Othiakumaz, chairman of Demir Grap Sivaspor. With the emergence of Kayserispor, who eliminated a very important team and won the Zyrat Turkey Cup. They became opponents as finalists. On Thursday, they were very representative of Anatolian football. In honor of, I hope it will be a beautiful match. Soccer is dominant. We want to lift the trophy on our behalf. We hope it will be a good match. What happened in the past is Stampede. Kayserispor and Sivaspor are at odds with each other. He is not an enemy. There is something wrong. The incident and we have martyrs. Dedicate this match to them. Let’s do it, “he said.

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Kayserispor President Berna Gozbash said, “First of all, I thank His Majesty for welcoming us. I don’t think four big teams have played three finals in the last 22 years. The first is the 2018 Kayserispor-Gentilerbilli match. In some cases it is very important that both teams struggle to reach the finals. Of course, one of us wins and one loses. But in the end, I think Anatolian football will be the winner. It will be the most important feature of the finals. The winners congratulate the losers and hope that the match will be played in friendship. How many in the past There was a bad event. I hope both communities support this match. It’s a match that makes me forget these memories when I see Cola. It’s a bad event that happened in the past. Present it to the Martyrs. “