Situation of injured and sick athletes in Besiktas-TRTSpor


Tekin Kerem Ülkü, Coordinator of the Besiktas Club Health Committee, provided information on the status of injured and sick athletes on the black and white teams.

Uruk, who had a chat meeting with the press at the black and white team’s Austrian camp, said there were no serious problems during the camp.

Romain Saïs

Uruk said one of the injured players, Romain Saïs, should not be evaluated in the injured class. “At the end of the season, he felt a pain in his knee. He wasn’t actively injured. His general condition is very comfortable. We are trying to strengthen his muscles. increase.” Said.

Emphasizing that the Moroccan player has returned to the field with his coach, Uruk continued his words:


“He trains twice a day with our trainers and works with a physiotherapist. He is constantly doing intensification exercises in the hotel pool and fitness room. We want to blow yogurt and eat. I think Spain. He is a mentally tough player, not a person who complains about small things. We don’t want him to be painful and play. We want continuity throughout the season. I want to improve. “

Joseph de Souza

Noting that a minor Meniscus problem was detected in Joseph de Souza, Uruk said:Joseph had a knee problem after the first match. We evaluated, scanned and identified a slight problem with his meniscus. There is a perception that meniscus is equivalent to surgery, but there are no situations that require meniscus surgery. Removal of the meniscus is not desirable in modern orthopedics. We need specific treatment. I’m waiting every day to check for the knee reaction to disappear. According to him, we want to try at the right time at the old training pace. “ I used his remarks.

Emilhan Ilkan

For Emilhan Ilkan, who works separately from the team because Uruk is infected with the upper respiratory tract,Even Kovid and other upper respiratory tract infections do not want to be integrated into the team to prevent infection. If it infects someone else, it will affect the player’s performance. Therefore, we are training individually. The situation at Emilhan is no different from the team. He is doing a good exercise. Same level as the team. Work him with the team as soon as he feels good.‘He evaluated.

Atiba Hutchinson

Uruk said there was a slight pain in Atiba Hutchinson’s ankle.He has a slight edema on one of his wrist bones. The most important treatment for bone marrow edema is to regulate the load. You need to limit the load for a while. Instead of increasing the pain of training, we aim to maintain fitness levels by running a variety of devices that eliminate pool exercise and gravity. He is in a position to play if it is a very important match tomorrow. “ He said.

Mert Günok

Uruk reminded me that goalkeeper Mert Günok, who had been injured last season and had been away from the field for a long time, underwent serious surgery.Mart is in good shape. He had three surgeries on his knee at the same time. It wasn’t a light process. Rapid recovery after anterior cruciate ligament injury can cause re-injury, but this probability is reduced to 1% in those who recover after 8-9 months. I used his remarks.

Besiktas continued to prepare for the Austrian camp

Meanwhile, Besiktas, who is preparing for the new season at the Austrian camp, finished the day with a single training session.

The training in the field of the hotel where the black and white team camped lasted about 1.5 hours. Focusing on pressure and pass practice with training that begins with warming up and stretching, Valérien Ismael divided the team into four groups, centered the two groups and demanded pressure from the passing group.

Focusing on extensive playmaking and offensive organizations, the black-and-white team completed training in a double-goal tactical match.

Romain Saïs, Joseph de Souza, Atiba Hutchinson, Emilhan Ilkan, and Mert Günok continued to work according to their respective programs and did not participate in the training.

Emre Kocadağ, vice president of the black and white club, and Ceyhun Kazancı, sports director, followed the training.

Besiktas will face one of the German teams, Mainz 05, tomorrow in their final friendly match in Austria. The match at the Kufstein Arena begins at 21.15 CEST.