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Victor Pereira; Despite names such as Gustavo, Zajc, Mert Hakan, and 0054rfan Can Kahveci, he wanted midfield reinforcements. Eustaqio and Morita were the first names on the list. However, if the duo’s attempt was unsuccessful, Miguel Crespo transferred from Estril for € 1.4 million on the final day of the transfer period. Things didn’t start well for the Portuguese player. The relocated Pereira did not give the citizens many opportunities. Crespo, on the other hand, caused great disappointment in the match he played. A wide range of segments, from authorities to social media fans, slapped 25-year-old players, saying: A comment was made on “Transfer blunder”.

Made history with derby

There were even claims that Miguel Crespo would be hired during the interim transfer period. The 25-year-old player who participated in the Away Derby against Galatasaray on November 21 has all changed. Pereira took the student to the field in the 71st minute. Immediately after, 10 yellow navy blues remained. While Fenerbahce struggled to score a point from a tough away game, Crespo went on stage in the last few seconds and made history with the goals he scored. This derby was a milestone. The Portuguese midfielder began to find opportunities every match at 11 o’clock and improved performance week after week.


Crespo has been an integral part of the team for the past few weeks. The Portuguese midfielder is one of the most brilliant names in the Fenerbahce league with one draw in five wins and six games. During this process, the 25-year-old star, who was unable to attend Giresun due to a penalty, remained on the field for 90 minutes in all five games. Crespo was dazzled by his stats in these games. He is currently one of the fans’ favorite players and one of the first students of Ismail Karuta whose name is listed in the Top 11.

Nominated for the highest award (SERKAN AKCAN)

Pereira brought Miguel Crespo, but it was Ismail Cartal who made his star shine. Crespo makes a difference in game knowledge and resilience, not skill. He may be the least talented player in the midfield rotation of the team, but he was Fenerbahce, who won the ball and played the role of raising Seitz to the highest level ever. He can keep up with his opponent’s pace and create many effective kilometers between the two penalty areas. Ilfan Khan is not inferior to Rossi or Zyck in pass accuracy in Region 3. There is a big difference between the triple defensive performance of the Pereira era and the four front performance of the Ismail Karuta era. He picks up the ball between the two defenders, turns his back on the opponent more confidently, and chooses the most accurate pass at a high rate without risk. Crespo is the biggest candidate for the lottery transfer award that Pelkas won last season.

Every team needs it (ERMANÖZGÜR)

Crespo has become a midfielder in Fenerbahce, and with its cost, youth, and achievements in the last few weeks, you can literally say “all teams are needed”. When Sosa and Gustabo threw towels early in the league, he took advantage of the opportunity. He is one of the first players to write so far. His ability to catch the ball is okay, but the main thing he needs to develop is his ball handling skills. In the last Konya match he showed that he could do this with a great pass to Pelkas. The fact that the number of foreigners will be a little tighter in the new season makes competition more difficult. If Crespo wins this competition and wants to find a place in Fenerbahce in the new season, he needs to touch the organizational part of the business as well as the combat function.