Shoma Uno finally tops the podium-TRTSpor

He almost quit sports

Shoma Uno, who started the series with a beautiful 4 loop, continued to jump with 4 salchow and 4 toe loop / 3 toe loop. After jumping high on the triple Axel, the skater who threw 4 flips and 4 toe loops later in the program made the final jump as a triple Axel / Euler / 1 flip. In this final jump, the athlete who was actually planning to throw Flip 3 made the only mistake. Shoma Uno, who ran five quads in the free program, also demonstrated his technical advantage by presenting four of the four different jumps. The skater’s very vibrant and striking step sequence, where every turn was counted at four difficulty levels, was also counted by the judges at four difficulty levels. Shoma Uno, who presented his program at Ravel’s Bolero, became a world champion with the choreography and presentations appropriate for this ambitious music.

Uno, who left the trainer in 2019 and worked alone for a while, after starting to work with Stephane Lambiel, suffered a major fall and quit sports, regaining physical and mental strength and succeeding. The result again started to contain. The skater who won the bronze medal at the Olympics finally won the gold medal, following the previous second place in the world. Shoma Uno has achieved 202.85 free program points, 107.71 technical points, and 95.14 components. Shoma Uno scored a total of 312.48 points and became the world champion with the highest score in his career.

Gladiator Yuma Kagiyama

Japan’s rising star Yuma Kagiyama made four quad jumps in a free program. Kagiyama, who achieved a very high practice score in the quad jump, also achieved four difficulty levels in the step sequence and turns. The skater, who lost points because the four-loop jump was counted as a miss in the technical evaluation, passed the triple Axel that he tried at the end of the series as a single. However, Kagiyama, who reached a total of 191.91 points, 98.53 technical and 93.38 components in the short program, reached a total of 297.60 points. Yuma Kagiyama, a young skater who demonstrated her artistic ability by competing with the soundtrack of the movie “Gladiator”, participated in the second world championship of the Olympic Games.

Vincent Zhou and the Third America

Vincent Zhou overtook his compatriot Nathan Chen to start the season with a very successful series in Skate America. However, after that, the lap that advanced on the bumpy line ended the season with a rise. Throughout the series, when performing four quad jumps, one of which was linked, the only mistake on the lap was touching the triple Axel and touching the ground. With 93.96 technical points and 87.58 component points, the skater earned a total of 181.54 free program points. The skater who finished the short program in 6th place had a total score of 277.38, which was the 3rd place in the world.
Vincent Zhou appeared as one of his favorites, unexpectedly finishing 25th at last year’s World Championships and not participating in the free program. Due to Zhou’s degree, the United States has lost the right to send three athletes to this year’s Olympics and World Championships, leaving only two skaters assigned. Vincent Zhou, who was criticized by ice skating enthusiasts all year round for this result, showed that he was still a reliable skater in his country with this medal.

Japan couldn’t dominate the podium

At the end of the World Championship Men’s Short Program, Japan was in the top three. Kazuki Tomono has announced a very successful short program, third only to Uno and Kagiyama. Everyone was wondering if this ranking would be maintained and if Japan could dominate the podium. Asked this question at a post-short press conference, Tomono was convinced that Uno and Kagiyama would maintain their respective positions, “I think it depends on my performance.” Japanese skaters who struggled to defend the top three in the free program made three quad jumps. Tomono, who competed with the soundtrack of La La Land in high energy and announced a series that succeeded in reflecting the enjoyment of music, lost points due to a jump mistake and got an overall score in 6th place. 269.37, destroying the chance of the All Japan Podium.

All eyes were on Ilia Malinin

Impressed by everyone, including sports tech professionals, with quad / quad jumps in training, Iria Marinen of the United States was one of the biggest competitors on the podium. Malinin completed the short program in 4th place, started the program with 4 Lutz jumps and 4 toe loop jumps, and got an almost perfect practice score. However, the skater who made a mistake in the next jump finished in 9th place with 263.79 points, which was lower than expected.

Host Adam Siao Him Fa received a standing ovation

Host French athlete Adam Xiao made two quad jumps in the first half of the Himfa series. A skater who fell on the ice while tightening the straps of a powerfully started program fell into a triple Lutz jump that immediately followed due to the impact of this fall. Then he completed his series with a small problem. However, his fa, who presented his entire program with high energy, had a great step sequence like a short program. The skaters, who competed with the beautiful choreography, managed to show off a fun series to the audience at their own home and received a standing ovation.