Shocking reaction to Erdogan saying “let them go”: he resigned with these words


AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who met with a female chief at the palace during International Women’s Day, targeted doctors in his speech. “I’m frank, if they go, let them go.” He used his own words.

Erdogan continued:

“I said,” What do the least received doctors receive, they said, “8-9 thousand.” I said “25-30 thousand” what the doctor who received the most would receive. The private sector pays a lot, they go there. I frankly, if they go, they should go. Assign here “

Female doctors explained their experience

Many doctors, especially the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), responded to Erdogan’s words.

The female doctor, who decided to resign, wrote a reason on her social media account and revealed the problems she experienced in an amazing way.

The percentage of female doctors is as follows.


“First of all, I would like to mention that the reason for my resignation is not the ambition to go to a private hospital and make more money. I will resign and work for a few months so that I can erase my experience. No. Get enthusiasm from my memory and to work again.

I suddenly decided to resign during a seizure that I felt almost devastated mentally and physically.

In general, I tend to have a sudden start and a sudden end, but in my life my profession was not the subject where I could suddenly give up and decide not to work. Because I am a person who enjoys work and works.

I provide mandatory service

After graduating from the medical school of a state university and receiving specialized training at one of the highest-scoring gynecological clinics in the country. I was assigned to a border city to provide mandatory services as an obstetrician. I have been here for 482 days.

The birth rate in the city is very high. Each family has about 8-9 children, and of course we give birth to these children. There are obstetricians in only two districts of the city. All births in the rest of the district are done in our central hospital.

We call it central, but as you think it’s not in the city center. You go to a big city to meet some of your needs. It can be said that there is some deprivation. anyway.

Ask why you are here, when you become an expert, the state will send you to a city or district you do not know, and if you have not worked here for two years, you will be elsewhere You cannot practice medical care.

If you are single, you leave your parents and siblings and travel 1500 kilometers (me) away. Some people are married but cannot have a spouse.

Planes cannot be read

In winter, the plane will not take off for half a week due to weather conditions. In winter, the temperature does not exceed -30 degrees and the fog cannot be seen through.

When I go to work from home, my eyelashes and eyebrows freeze, and when I enter the hospital, I wait for a while to thaw them. If you have a vehicle, it will freeze and you will not be able to start. Such a climate.

I have a neoplastic disease

Since I myself have many chronic diseases, I also have a symptom of a tumor called pheochromocytoma. However, there are no kits or tests in the city that you can inspect yourself. In fact, I can handle follow-ups on a round trip to Istanbul.

“You are not a doctor”

Anyway, these are my personal problems, somehow it will be solved. But for our patients, we send dangerous patients to big cities to get their work done. But most of the time, we come across the following: “You are not a doctor, just have surgery.”

-There is no university hospital in our city, no city hospital-

When I told the wife of a patient that it would be a dangerous operation and I had to go to the medical school, she said, “I have animals, so I can’t leave them behind, but when they die, they Should die here. “

“I don’t want my patient to die, my beautiful brother”

He is talking about his wife. You want your wife to die, but I don’t want my patient to die, maybe my beautiful brother?

I have operated on all patients. They are said to die, but there are risks here. That’s right, it’s been about two years. Yes, I continue to operate and serve my patients as my family, which my husband doesn’t care about and says “I have more than a woman to buy a new one” ..

“I lived, so I know my room will be printed.”

But if a little complication or situation goes wrong, I’ve experienced it too, so I’m well aware that my room is attacked, the door is knocked, and the safety of my life is shaken.

My room was attacked, threatened, 100 people gathered and left in the middle of the battle. I locked the room and waited hours for the crowd to disband by the police. These did not happen either.

“I maintained 9 services 24 hours a month.”

In January of this year, I continued to shift 9 times a month for 24 hours. The rest provided outpatient services. I had about 10 to 15 surgeries on each attack, followed up with a large number of normal delivery patients and delivered them with a midwife. In the last 24 hours, I was the only doctor in the hospital.

“They threatened the doctor to save my life.”

When I entered the Caesarean section, the patient’s husband in the ward was fighting over where the doctor was. Watching a bleeding patient go to the ward after surgery, a patient in the emergency room is waiting and her husband starts a fight and threatens the doctor if something happens to her wife ..

“The road is locked”

Going to the corridor, blocking the road, going to the bathroom, waiting at the door, I don’t want to hear the word “teacher teacher teacher” anymore.

While examining a patient in the emergency room, a patient who is hospitalized for normal childbirth does not know what the midwife is doing because of the pain of childbirth, so he kicks, bites, or chews the midwife. Hit or shut up. Then they can’t stand it, they call me and I get some kicks.

“How many professions have regularized kicks and punches?”

A friend of my pregnant doctor was kicked in the stomach during childbirth here and overcame the risk of miscarriage. How many professions know where the kick is normalized?

I say what’s wrong with your arm, the patient bit me, my teacher says. Is this normal for God?

Do you know how many times you’ve heard the statement “If something happens to your wife, you’ll be punished” from someone trying to explain that normal work is a normal situation? Because she has a pain in her childbirth?

He dropped his baby because he didn’t want to spread his legs at birth

As you know, it is called the reason why the caesarean section rate has increased. There is a woman in my hospital who strangled her baby because she didn’t want to open her legs during childbirth.

“How many places can you be at the same time?”

As the only obstetrician who normally gives birth 15 times a day in the hospital, he also took care of the patient in the ward, calmed the attacking husband in the emergency room, examined the patient and knocked himself. Pregnant women should be calm. Should I get sympathy for the ground and childbirth, or should I have surgery? How many places should I be at one time?

“I saved your life, please submit a case”

One of my female patients who gave birth for the fifth time at 4 am had a uterus ruptured and fainted during childbirth. I saved his life by undergoing emergency surgery on the patient’s uterus. Do you know what happened next? The woman recovered and did not thank me, so she filed a proceeding against me saying, “It robbed me of my childbirth.”

After the ambulance surgery, the patient I went to the press waited in bed until I opened my eyes. The patient was snowing on his way to the ambulance, so he took his blanket from her office and covered it with an ambulance. It’s still going on.

“Inshallah, your child will die too”

These ears were waiting for the system to come out in the emergency room, so I heard from the pregnant woman’s mother-in-law, “I hope my child will die.”

I see an average of 60-70 patients a day at the Polyclinic. Equivalent to 10 patients per hour. 6 minutes per patient. Obstetric examinations are known to be undressed. Take off your clothes for 3-4 minutes and it will disappear.

70 inspections in 3 minutes

How can I examine both the mother and baby in the womb with 100% accuracy in 3 minutes and make the final decision? 70 times a day?

This is all hopefully. If the baby or mother has a problem, this time will exceed 10 minutes, but the patient at the door and his spouse will start the fight to be their turn. If possible, explain what happened to a dangerous pregnant woman with a fight.

There are also language issues as many of the patients I care for do not speak Turkish. I am trying to provide medical services to non-speaking mothers and explain their treatment. It does not enter the interpreter search at all. If everything is ok, I say “Tinne in trouble” and we leave with a smile =)

“If he doesn’t see, I won’t go without killing the doctor.”

One night, I got a call from Savim. The patient’s wife, who could not find her promise, was called Savim, and she said, “She must come tomorrow and take care of her wife to kill doctors and nurses.” she said. The next day, we were waiting at the edge of the polyclinic so that no one would come and kill us.

Birthday with a weapon

In one of my shifts, the midwife came to me in a panic and said, “Khawaja, the wife of the patient in the delivery room has a gun next to her and her waist.” The patient’s wife enters the room where we gave birth with a gun, without encountering x-rays or security.

At the age of 32, due to lack of sleep, he had dark circles under his eyes, countless white hair, and wrinkles on his forehead. These will recover, I won’t complain.

“I searched for a patient in my ARRM vein.”

However, I am a patient with high blood pressure, and I have performed countless surgeries with high blood pressure during an attack and have seen countless patients through the veins in my arm. At that time, I never received a thank you. I didn’t smile either. After all, the doctor has to do.

They receive worldwide money, so they don’t get sick or sad, and their psychology isn’t affected by the intensity of the threat. A friend of mine moved his house today, he gave 10,000 TL for transportation. This is the monthly revolving fund from the monthly surgery and emergency ultrasound examinations during childbirth.

I shouted that I wish I had a truck and I wish I could win in a day =) Workers are said to be healthy and doctors are paid only as much as the world.

My beautiful brother, I went to college + specialty for 11 years to become an obstetrician. 19 years old, counting childhood. Don’t I deserve a good hand?

If I had a fever, my parents would have lost sleep when I was a kid. I was a child of a civil servant, but I grew up blind because of my father’s duties. I know with the sweat they made me read. It turns out that the state was educating us. It wasn’t my father who read it.

Every month 5000TL tax is deducted from my salary. Which expert group pays so much tax to the state? I think we are paying Sedasayan and others =)

Then the patient comes and shouts that I’m paying your salary with my taxes. Brother, how much tax do you pay and how do you pay my salary, let’s compare our taxes. And why is it always tied to the doctor’s salary when it’s not a matter of money?

These are the first things that come to mind. Had I not been in the fight for the last two years, I wouldn’t have thought of resigning. She voluntarily acquired both medical school and obstetrics in the first place.

-And I have been working as a doctor for 8 years. People will see my joy and ask if you are okay to get angry. But even I had to rest a little.

Thank you for doing so far.

Stay healthy. “