Shocking image of Eyupsultan Beach: 24 dead dolphin fish have been washed ashore!Investigation started

Citizens who saw dead dolphins washed ashore on the beaches of Eyupsultan were amazed at what they saw. Citizens who saw the dead bodies of 24 dolphins washed ashore will report the situation to the authorities, and the exact cause of death of the dolphins will be revealed as a result of the investigation.

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Gürkan Gazoğlu, who left the bait for stray animals back and forth between Eyüpsultan וhsaniye Mahallesi and Ağaçlı beach, saw dozens of dead dolphins hitting the beach. Surprised by what he saw, Gazoul informed the gendarmerie and Coast Guard teams.

Surprised by the unknown sight, Gulkan Gazoul checked to see if the dead dolphins were alive. The gendarmerie who came to the scene after the notification took the dead dolphins washed up on the shore to the laboratory and investigated.

“24 dead dolphin fish in a week”

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Surprised by the scene of feeding stray animals, Gulkan Gazoul said: I came here as a result of reports when feeding animals. I recently counted 21 dolphins, and when I went out with you today, I found that they were 22, 23, 24 and so on. There are too many dolphins on the coastline. As you can see in this figure, most of them are launched to the shore, why? I reported this to other dolphins in the last line, but when I come back today, I’m looking for dolphins on the coastline like this. I’m scanning so I can get rid of them when I see them alive, but unfortunately I think they’ll be washed away at night. Wolves come down and are torn apart when they are hungry for wolves and other animals that live in nature. It’s just a situation, I’m sorry, “he said.

“Need to consider”

Keeping in mind that this issue requires urgent intervention, Gazoğlu states: “The authorities involved in this issue need to intervene urgently, because when you look at the line from Karabrun to the tree limit below, Karabrun doesn’t hit the beach much, especially on this line.” Why are they? You really need to understand if it was a hit, “he said.

Shocking image of Eyupsultan Beach: Investigation of 24 dead dolphins launched on the shore has begun

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“Are there any chemicals in water, the war zone against it?”

Recognizing that authorities need to investigate whether there were chemical deaths at sea after Russia attacked Ukraine, Gazoul said: I wonder if something happened, they died there, they were washed away like this. Of course, the authorities will solve it. However, one of them was necropsied. As a notice, we will inform you of the position of the military police. If necessary, notify the Coast Guard and ask them to search the land completely. These animals are not normal fish. A very powerful being who understands you. I think the situation was one of the longest we’ve seen, 2 meters and 15 centimeters, and the other 1.5 meters. Others, as well as 1.5 meters, are estimated to have died at this point. The Coast Guard or gendarmerie needs to move off the sea line because the points are too big. We are already traveling. I will report if I find it, but unfortunately, when I looked around, the garbage from the Black Sea Line also destroyed the sea, “he said.

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Investigations reveal the exact cause of death for 24 dolphins 1-2 meters long and 15 centimeters long.

Dead dolphins were eaten by wolves

Animal lover Emre Aksh, who was there to feed the stray animals on March 11 and informed the gendarmerie after seeing the dolphins, talked about his experience. “While feeding, I saw a shape on the water’s edge here. I couldn’t do it at first,” said Aksh, who said he had come to the beach to feed the animals after heavy snowfall in Istanbul on the day of the incident. When I saw it, there was an emotional reflex at that moment. Then I looked around. “When I looked, I noticed other souls. Then some of them were eaten. I saw the shepherds around and the people in this area, I got the answer that wolf eats them, “he said.

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Shocking image of Eyupsultan Beach: Investigation of 24 dead dolphins launched on the shore has begun

“This is against Ukraine”

Emre Aksh said he had reported the situation to the gendarmerie, noting that he was able to detect that about 23 dolphins had hit the land. “This is all over Ukraine and may have come from chemical waste. There is a lot of dirt in the environment. It’s human-centered,” said Akkush, who said the gendarmerie had removed the dolphins from the scene for inspection. This could be due to one place, but unfortunately the human-centered place is dirty, so “today, dolphins are paying for this,” he said.

“The lives of 23 people cannot die by chance.”

Everyone knows the story of the Prophet Jonah, Aksh said, “We cannot even tolerate what is in our beliefs and values. The lives of 23 people cannot die by accident. Ukraine Is the opposite here. It could be chemical waste, water pollution, of course, that’s for sure. The reason will be revealed at the end of the investigation by the Gender Marie team. ”