Sherev Erowl: I want to repeat my success at U23 in Hungary-Sports News

The list of national teams participating in the Senior European Wrestling Championships in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has been announced. Pointing out that he trusts athletes to participate in the championship between March 28th and April 3rd, 2022, the Turkish Wrestling Federation President Sheref Erowl said the tournament is freestyle and Greco-Roman style. He said he was ready to be held in.

“As a wrestling family, we are happy and proud. We had a historic success at the U23 European Wrestling Championships in Bulgaria last week. Our national team has 20 teams. He won the tournament with the most podiums in the medal, and while standing on the podium in three categories, “We became the champion by climbing to the top of women for the first time in Europe. The results show how correct and correct the path we have set. “

“I want to break the record”

President Erowl has stated that he has been working hard since December, “I would like to thank the athletes who sweated here, the trainers who wiped the sweat, the conditioners, and everyone who was in charge of this. Teamwork, teamwork. I’ve captured the spirit of the team. The secret is to work. My brother, who proved himself and became the European, Olympic and World Champion, never stopped, everyone’s hands. It’s been a fierce tempo to compete. I’d like to repeat my success at U23 and break the record. This team will achieve that. We have the potential and quality to make us feel this pride. There are athletes, “he said.

“We need to bring together our youth in a team.”

“There can be no development without change,” said Sherev Erowl. “Wrestling is a very heavy and demanding sport. Indeed, staying at the top for a long time and enduring this intense training pace is not the honor of all brave men, but for the future of wrestling and the country. In respect of experience and championship. “But change the weights that did not receive the medal. This needs to be done slowly. For the future of Turkish wrestling, young people make room for it. We believe that we should be given a chance. “

“This generation will be entertained in 2024”

President Sherev Eroul said: “Two of our kids became European champions at U23. We talked with their teachers and hired one for the free team and the other for the Greco-Roman A team. Until the 2024 Olympics, the young people of Team A, otherwise our wrestling future is at stake. We are a successful wrestling family and the future of wrestling is in the hands of young people. Hopefully in 2024 we will have a generation of representative teams where our country will sit down and watch over with joy and joy. We will succeed in this work together and God will help us on this road. Will bring a medal to the country of Turkey at the 2024 Olympics. A night for it. “


55 kg Emre Mutlu, 60 kg Kerem Kamal, 63 kg Ahmet Uyar, 67 kg MuratFırat, 72 kg Cengiz Arslan, 77 kg Y.Emre Başar, 82 kg Burhan Akbudak, 87 kg Metehan Başar, 97 kg Beytullah Kayışdağ, 130 kg Rıza Kayaalp.

Free female national team staff

50kg Evin Demirhan Yavuz, 53kg ZeynepYetgil, 55kgBediaGün, 57kg ElviraKamaloğlu, 59kgElifYanık, 62kgYağmurÇakmak, 65kgAslıTuğcu, 68kgAslıDemir, 72kgBuseÇavuşoğlu, 76kgYaseminA

Free men’s national team staff

75kg Muhammet Karavuş, 61kg Süleyman Atlı, 65kg M.Recep Aktaş, 70kg Selahattin Kılıçsallayan, 74kg Soner Demirtaş, 79kg Muhammed Akdeniz, 86kg Osman Göçen, 92kg Feyzullah Aktürk, 97kg BurakŞahin

Ercan ATA / Ankara, (DHA)