She was injured in a maternity hospital bombed by a Russian … sad news came: she died with her baby!

March 9, 2022 made history as a shameful day for humankind. Russian troops bombed a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, killing many. A woman who was injured in this horrific attack and whose photos were shared around the world died with her baby.

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In a photo sent by the Associated Press to the world and symbolized by the war between Russia and Ukraine, a hungry woman was seen on a stretcher with rescuers rescued from the rubble. Today, the news that shocked the world came: the woman in the picture and her baby died!

The impact on the face of a woman seriously injured in an attack at Mariupol Hospital, which Russia considers to be one of the most horrifying moments of the war against Ukraine, is one of the most striking images of the war.

Transferred to another hospital

After being rescued from the attack, the woman was transferred to another hospital, also on the front line. When the doctor tried to save the woman, they noticed that the baby in her womb was about to die. At that moment, a painful cry of a woman who heard the conversation between doctors came.

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Surgeon Timur Marin, who underwent surgery, noticed that the woman’s pelvis was fragmented and her hips were dislocated. The woman who was unable to give birth in this way was taken to an emergency caesarean section.

Unfortunately, the baby wasn’t breathing …

The doctor immediately began trying to save his mother. Resuscitation efforts that lasted several minutes had no consequences. Marin announced a bitter end: they were both dead.

She was injured in a maternity hospital bombed by a Russian ... sad news came: she died with a baby

Shot an abandoned maternity hospital

His life form received by his human

In this turmoil, the doctor didn’t even know the name of the woman. His painful wife came and she took a lifeless body of a woman. Then the hospital staff said, “At least they had an army to pick him up. Therefore, because of the increasing death toll, there is no need to bury him in one of the mass graves opened in Mariupol. It was. “He made a comment.

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Russia, which denies the crime of war crimes, claimed that the hospital was hijacked by Ukrainian militants and that the militants were inside instead of the patients. Going further, Russia’s UN special envoy and the London embassy said the news about pregnant women injured in hospitals was fake.

She was injured in a maternity hospital bombed by a Russian ... sad news came: she died with a baby

A crib stands in the ruins …

Meanwhile, AP reporters have taken pictures, shot videos and news, the inhumane situation facing civilians in Mariupol and other occupied Ukrainian cities since almost the first day of the war. I continue to send it to the world.

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Reporter recorded every moment

Reporters in the area when the maternity hospital was attacked recorded each and every horror they experienced there and shared it with the world. Therefore, Russia’s fake news allegations were revealed.

Journalists not only recorded the moment of the incident, but also tracked victims who were injured, escaped from the hospital, and moved to other areas. Occupied cities cannot meet the needs of electricity, heating, water, etc., but hospitals do not change much.

She was injured in a maternity hospital bombed by a Russian ... sad news came: she died with a baby

The woman, who survived the attack and gave birth a few days ago, was also accused of lying by Russia.

Welcome to Field Baby

Hospital staff working in difficult situations experience emotional moments with every baby born. “All mothers have experienced terrible things,” said Olga Vereshagina, a nurse who works at one of these hospitals. A woman who lost her toes in a Mariupol’s attack gives birth while trying to explain the situation.

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Everyone is holding their breath while the entire hospital is waiting to hear the baby cry. A few seconds later, Alana, who opened her eyes to her life, begins to cry. Along with Alana, her mother and almost all hospital staff are weeping in joy despite this horror.