She became a symbol of war in a single photo: a woman who survived the bombed hospital gave birth!

The war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine entered the 17th day. Humanitarian corridors and civilian evacuation continue while fierce conflicts continue on the front lines. Her hopeful news came from Mariana Vishegirskaya, who survived the bombing at Mariupol’s maternity hospital and whose photos were shared around the world during the war.

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A woman in polka-dotted pajamas, a bag with her belongings and blood on her face, trying to escape from the bomb that fell on her head down the stairs … This recipe has been shared around the world for the past few days. And everyone keeps talking.

Mariana Vishegirskaya was one of the survivors of a maternity hospital in Mariupol, which was attacked by Russian troops. Mariana, clearly seen in the photos of her last day of pregnancy, is a symbol of the dark side of the war that destroys civilians.

Russia said “fake”

In addition, the unhappy woman was accused of counterfeiting by Russia, she was not actually pregnant, and the photos she provided were alleged to be fake.

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The photos released by the Associated Press in the evening had a bittersweet joy and hope. Mariana Vishegirskaya, who survived her horrific bombing, gave birth to her daughter only two days after she was able to survive her horrific bombing and hug her safely. In her arms.

The day she escaped from the hospital in Mariupol, Mariana wore the pajamas she was still wearing …

Embrace the baby

Mariana’s daughter, Veronica, was one of the war babies who greeted her life in shelters, basements, and maternity hospitals where the bombs were about to be protected from the beginning of the war.

She became a symbol of war in a single photo: a woman who survived the bombed hospital gave birth

First hello from father to daughter …

In one of the great pictures taken after childbirth, Mariana sees her husband Yuri lying in bed with her daughter hugging her and whispering her first greeting.

Ukrainian blogger Maria Navishe Gilskaya, who shared a video about makeup and beauty products, is “fake” as she escapes from a hospital in Mariupol and experiences one of the most difficult and horrifying moments of her life. It was accused by Russia of providing the photo. She was not actually injured, not even pregnant, and was alleged to have given a fake image staged to injure Russia.

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Responsible tweets have been deleted

The Russian embassy in London described a patient who left Mariupol’s maternity hospital with blood on Wednesday night as “Cosmetology blogger Marianna,” claiming that the blogger’s photo was taken by an Associated Press reporter.

The sensational post made a lot of noise on social media, with countless people writing tweets blaming the Russian embassy.

Tweets that were deleted because they violated Twitter’s “community guidelines” were shared by taking screenshots, causing a storm.

She became a symbol of war in a single photo: a woman who survived the bombed hospital gave birth

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In Mariupol, bombs targeting maternal and children’s hospitals killed three people and injured another 17. The fact that Mariana Vishegirskaya gave birth shortly after surviving the bomb also ended Russia’s black propaganda and showed the truth to the whole world.

Genocide charge from Zelensky

Ukrainian leader Zelensky described the bombing as the decisive act of the genocide in a statement after the horrific incident. Does it destroy them for fear of hospitals? He said to the world. “Schools and hospitals were hit. Citizens and children died. That was what happened to Ukraine.” Zelensky emphasized that Russia had genocide against Ukraine.

She became a symbol of war in a single photo: a woman who survived the bombed hospital gave birth

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Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov said in a press conference that Russia was a “legitimate target” because there were no patients in the hospital during the attack and the hospital was confiscated by “radicals” while the United Nations accused Russia of the bombing. Insisted. Viklov claimed that Russia had “never attacked Ukraine” and described the international reaction to the hospital’s attack as “pathetic.”