Serdal Alterchi talked for the first time! “Lying in a cell on the 7th basement floor of Mamak …”

Broadcast on a BluTV screen, formatted by BBO Production, and produced by Mahperi Altun Uçar and Şafak Bakkalbaşıoğlu, “40” met viewers on BluTV. At the age of 40, Serdal Alterchi answered many questions with all his integrity and integrity on his childhood, his family, his private life, the world of art, songs, and the Turkish agenda. The 40 Seldal Alterchi episodes have become mostly Seldal Alterchi documentaries.

Cansu Canan Özgen instructed Serdal Alterchi about his multiple sclerosis and asked why he became ill. Serdar Ortaç made a confession that would be told about many things.

“7 floors of MAMAK …”

“There was a lot of stress. A lot of money was coming and a lot of money went. The money that came in went to gambling. The sadness of money, I made halal and gave it. I lost my heart and heart to Halal I was only 25 years old and was imprisoned as a deserter from the stage while singing Black Pepper and disappeared. Three and a half months later, are you happy and sad? 7th floor cell, I was the three kings of love, I was having a concert, should I be sad to him? What happened to me because I was too honest Should I be angry? While you were fishing or eating, I sat at home and said, “Take this life alone. You should have lived more faithfully and more carefully. It wasn’t. Dozens of girls wouldn’t have happened to get out of the van. I should have loved a woman and had a child and died. I was wrong. But my life So that’s what I said. That’s why this life made me an MS.


A new song can’t be our place

Cansu CananÖzgen, “Will another Serdar Ortaç song be marked next summer?” Serdar Ortaç wrote a very interesting sentence on this question. Ortachi began his words, saying, “Now they are looking for a new singer, they are rapping, but they are putting our Macham in the music.” Calculate the number of days off. He’s talking about “The Yard” in 1993, so I’ll name one of the new releases. I know them all. They don’t want us anymore. Serdar Ortaç, Kenan Doğulu, Demet Akalın, Talkan They say this train should end, but it won’t end, it won’t.

Talkan’s song is not a song to hear or speak

Cansu Canan Özgen also asked Serdar Ortaç about Tarkan’s last song, Geççek. Did he look down on the president with the Ozgen song Tarkan Gechek? In Serdar Ortaç’s question, he spoke carefully so that his opponents wouldn’t get angry, but he no longer speaks carefully. You can see that every day, every step performed is number 10. Yes, I support all the steps the president and the government have taken, what if I support them all? I’m closing the problem. The Talkan case is an unnecessary controversy. It’s clear that he didn’t sing this song for her. The man shouted that the pandemic would pass. This song is not a song to listen to or talk to! I play Ray Ray Rom, we all do. I’m not saying it just because it’s not. We ruined the man. This is very slow … kids say the pandemic goes through. I’m making a love song to prevent this from happening, not because I’m crazy! He replied that my head was very well.

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