“Search for roof candidates must end in Galatasaray”-TRTSpor

Galatasaray’s presidential candidate Eşref Hamamcıoğlu said he should stop looking for roof candidates among the yellow-red people. “First you need to lay the groundwork. Then the roof candidate can come out as a candidate. Candidates who are confident that they will lose the election because they can’t make their own list, or enter alone. This cannot be the bad history of Galatasaray, as it determines its position within the Galatasaray Sports Club by forming a coalition. ” Said.

The Galatasaray Council in May will be held at Galatasaray High School. Galatasaray presidential candidate Eschlev Hamamchul spoke at the conference, stating that the biggest shortage of yellow-red people is honesty. “Today we are experiencing this very clearly. We saw how the April 30 election was canceled. When the election was scheduled, at Tevfik Ficklet Hall Speaking from Tevfik Ficklet Hall in front of an empty ballot box between the walls. It will be held on April 30th. People who weren’t with us on such an important day are today. They are eager to rule Galatasaray. Those who hesitated to declare their will at the last General Assembly, those who did not stay in the hall, rule Galatasaray today. This is dishonest and lack of trust. We need to fix this. The April 11 election is a very important date for this. Let all the members go to the ballot. The Galatasaray exit is in this election. ” He said.

“Searching for roof candidates in Galatasaray should be finished.”

Hamamuchul said he left the council and club members to assess why the election was postponed, and Hamamchul said: “We see Galatasaray’s great potential, material and spiritual potential, real estate assets, and some outsiders and troops stimulating enthusiasm. We are ready for this. This scenario was prepared under the initiative of a specific person. It is intended to be practiced today. The general reacts to this. The board is a member. The most important date of this is June 11th. It’s a day. If Galatasaray doesn’t learn from the past, if Galatasaray doesn’t learn from the past, it will say. History, history will repeat. This is a big mistake. The search for roof candidates in Galatasaray is over. You need to fix the foundation first. Then roof candidates may come up as candidates. Candidates who are confident that they will lose the election because they cannot make their own list, or Candidates who are confident of losing the election in question are trying to determine their position within Galatasaray by forming a coalition. Sports Club, this cannot be the bad history of Galatasaray. We have this. Galatasaray Spor It’s a club. It’s not a real estate company! Today, by making a great perception as if there is no other solution, he can do all the real estate projects. Can, can establish all relationships, he can be the only roof candidate, we need to give up Paranoia. Confidence in the future is essential. Galatasaray Sports Club real estate It’s an asset of Galatasaray Sports Club. All the presidents who have been in office for 70 years have contributed. It’s not a solution for me to suddenly go out and sell these real estates like this. If putting it in a vault and managing Galatasaray was the solution, I think what we’re doing is guaranteeing what we do. Go out and talk here. There is a past behind all of us. Galatasaray is an inseparable whole. No one should strive under the sign of a roof candidate. On the contrary, they are us. Divide the community of. In the June 11th election, my friends and I participated in the election in a coalition. These coalitions are not normal in Galatasaray. You need to admit. None of us have a memory of fish. Find a way to evaluate objectively. I’m not the fault of anyone, but Galatasaray isn’t helpless. He said.

“In Galatasaray, poor literature should be abandoned.”

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu emphasized that the literature of rich and poor should be abandoned in Galatasaray. “What kind of vulgarity is this? Does Galatasaray need this? Today, Galatasaray needs morality and ethics, not poor literature, not who invests money, which is it? It was postponed so that “people need to analyze very well how they manage this money and increase their debt. For this, it is enough to look at the activity reports for the last 8-10 years. . ” I made that evaluation.

Talking about Floria’s land, Hamamuchul said, “Within 10 days, we will share how to turn Floria into a source of income without leaving land in Galatasaray’s hands. All projects are ready. Galatasaray certainly needs to leave Floria. Any sacrifice Don’t leave even if you pay. Today, in the Floria area, especially on the runways of airports, or “here the removal has increased floor permits. Therefore, the Floria area tricks many contractors. No one should use this place to target. Galatasaray. It’s very obvious. We don’t allow this. Galatasaray must be governed by gaining its independence. “ Said.

In his speech, Eşref Hamamcıoğlu introduced the members of his list and gave information about their project.