‘Scheibe’ Claims in 1 Million Lira Gold Belt


Adana’s Karaisar mayor Saadettin Aslan has issued a statement on allegations that three-time champion wrestler Ibrahim Burkbashi in traditional Karakchak wrestling was denied a 910-gram 24-carat gold belt.


Adana Municipality received a 910 grams 24 carat gold belt in 2018 for the Kızıldā Karakchak Wrestling organized jointly with Karaisar Municipality.

The belt was handed over to the Karaisar Municipality and awarded to the champion wrestler with the signatures of the then Head of the Sports Service Branch Kadir Gul, Head of the Department Khalil Fastsoi and the Karaisar Municipal Mayor Sadettin Aslan.


One of the wrestlers, Ibrahim Borkbaş, won Kızıldá Karakçak Wrestling in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, wrestling could not be held due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Ibrahim Burkbaş won Karakchak Wrestling again last year after a one-year hiatus.

The belt, which according to the rules was the permanent owner of the wrestler who was champion three years in a row, was not given to Ibrahim Burkbashi on the grounds that competition was suspended for a year due to the pandemic.


Bölükbaşı, who requested the Karaisar municipality to give him a belt with a monetary value of one million lira, applied to the Turkish Wrestling Federation when he received a negative response. The federation expressed its opinion that the golden belt should be handed over to wrestler Ibrahim Bergbashi.

Despite this, Ibrahim Bergbaş, who failed to win the Golden Belt, has resorted to court this time.

Awaiting expert report

The first-instance Karaisar Civil Court, where the case was heard, said it was waiting for an expert report for a decision, and wrestler Bölükbaşı said the belt was worth more than one million lira.

Emphasizing that Mayor Saadettin Aslan did not give a concrete answer to their demands, Bölükbaşı said: There are no expert witnesses in Adana. He went to Ankara expert witnesses for the case. There will be another case on 1st September. I’m still hoping to get the belt,” he said.

President: Scheibe Mixed

In a post on his social media account, Karaisar Mayor Saadettin Aslan said after the wrestling hosted by the city of Karaisar and its affiliated municipalities in 2019, the rumors that reached them were appreciated and that the wrestling could not take place in 2020. , Vogue and what was held in 2021 was in the spotlight.


Aslan used the following statement in his post.

“By assessing the wrestling master’s opinion, rumors of other wrestlers were taken seriously, and due to the events in the wrestler’s final match, the awarding of the Golden Belt, which is still in our vault, was suspended for a while. There were dubious opinions, but it was a matter that had been in court for some time as a result of Ressler’s application to the judiciary for security in the process, and it would be best to carry out that decision. No matter what kind of perception they try to make of any kind of dark spirit they try on us, whoever acts as an honorary executor for the benefit of the three cents, I would like to state clearly and clearly Let him do it, for us the money of the people of Adana is sacred and will not be passed on to suspicion.”


'Scheibe' Claims in 1 Million Lira Gold Belt