Saran and TRT sign contract for Super League broadcast bid


Return to TFF’s Snake Story Super League Broadcast Bidding It was an expected development. Second highest bidder after beIN Sports has not signed the contract Saran Group and TRT He announced that he had signed a contract.

Saran Group, Super League Covers 96 games He submitted the second highest bid for Bundle 1B and Bundle 1C rights. Unless otherwise specified by the TFF, the Saran Group will broadcast three seasons from 2022 (104 games from 2022 to 2023), for a total of 96 games (of which 4 are weekends and 4 are weekends). -2023 season.

For TRT Live broadcast of TFF 1st league and overview of super league He made the highest bid after BeIN Sports announced that TRT has signed a deal. From 2022 to 2023, TRT will be granted live rights to the TFF 1st League and an overview of the 3 seasons of the Super League. TFF will issue a statement today regarding the agreement signed by Saran Group and TRT.

Super Lig TV offer from Saran Group in Package 1-A

The fate of Package 1-A, which makes up the majority of Super League games, is uncertain. 210 games in total In this package Only BeIN Sports made an offer, but TFF decided that the offer wasn’t enough and canceled the bid for Package 1-A.

The Saran Group has provided a Super Rig TV model for Package 1-A. We plan to generate additional revenue by selling matches one by one to other TV channels and platforms, and share a significant portion of the revenue with TFFs and clubs. Today’s Saran Group statement is also highlighted on Süper Lig TV. If this offer is accepted, Super League matches will be broadcast on multiple platforms.

Package Saran signed a contract with

  • Package 1-B: Live broadcast rights for a total of 60 weekend Super League games (68 games in the 2022-23 season). Four of them are weekend-matched derby: 324 million TL
  • Package 1-C: Live broadcast rights for 36 weekday Super League games. Four of them are weekly derby: 30 million TL.
  • Package 1-E: Super League Short Summarization Rights from Digital Platforms: 16 million 200,000 lira
  • Package 2: Live broadcast of Super League matches on an international betting platform: $ 5 million
  • Package 3: Right to broadcast low resolution internet TV and GSM networks for Super League and TFF First League matches on an international betting platform: $ 6 million

Statement from TRT

TRT has announced that it has signed a contract for the two packages it offers. In a statement from TRT, “As TRT, we have signed a contract for Package 1-D and Package 1-F, which is within the scope of the broadcasting rights bid for Super League and 1st League. To TFF.”

Package provided by TRT

  • Package 1-D: Live broadcast rights and overview of TFF 1st League matches, and rights to edited images including an extensive overview of Super League matches: 190,400,000 lira
  • Package 1-F: Radio broadcast rights for Süper Lig and TFF 1st League matches: 4 million lira

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