Sanliurfa will invest approximately 670 million lira in youth and sports.

Minister Kasapoğlu welcomed a delegation consisting of Governor Salih Ayhan, Deputy Sanliurfa, Mayor of Metropolitan Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül and Mayor of the District.

During a conference held in the central building of the province, a protocol was signed for investment in youth and sports in Sanliurfa. Within the Protocol, the investment in Sanliurfa and its districts is approximately 670 million TL, as follows:

“One sports hall with 1500 spectators, one women’s sports and health center, two multipurpose sports halls, one archery hall, one handball hall, six training gymnasiums, eight gymnasiums, one state Youth Center. Youth Center with Hall, 6 types of Youth Center, 4 Neighborhood Youth Centers, 1 Mini Youth Center, 2 Hockey Fields with Synthetic Grass Surfaces, 8 Types of Semi-Olympic Swimming Pools, 2 Water sports facility, modernization of soccer field, 6 bookbeds, 188 soccer fields with synthetic lawn surface, 3 tennis courts, 32 basketball-volleyball courts, 250 basketball hoops, maintenance of 19 sports facilities And repair, buy 100 bicycles “

At the signing ceremony, Minister Casapol said he was proud of Sanliurfa, a city of friendship, generosity and brotherhood. It is a city that has been destroyed. The first university was established and the world truly admire the children of this country. We believe and trust. We have the best opportunities for young people and the best. We are constantly striving to grow ourselves in the way and enjoy sports. Lifestyle. We are the Ministry of Youth Sports and the Ministry of Youth. We are their home and home. Youth Wants it. We do it. “

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he had seen youth-oriented work as the focus of his policy, laying the foundations for the AK party 20 years ago, and Casapol said: Social and cultural opportunities, especially sports. The founding revolution is one of the most concrete examples of this. Turkey’s founding movements over the last two decades are unparalleled in the world. East-West, North-South, every corner of our country is surrounded by youth centers, dormitories, young offices, book cafes and stadiums. It features a swimming pool, gym, courts, ski resorts and neighborhood sports fields. All regions and all cities have signatures. , All districts. Our primary purpose is to maintain this vision and pass it on to the future by implementing it. Because our policy is work politics. service. We keep our words and put people first. trace. “What does Sheikh Edebari say? Live people so that the nation can live.” This is our principle. “

“Together, draw a new champion from Sanliurfa”

Minister Kasapoğlu recalled that compared to 20 years ago, the number of dormitories in Sanliurfa increased from 2 to 6, the number of youth centers increased to 11 and the number of facilities increased from 4 to 80. Kasapoğlu has announced that the number of beds in the dormitory has increased by 350%, and that a new dormitory with a capacity of 1,000 people is in the project stage in the center of Sanliurfa and eight new facilities are included in the investment program. I have notified you. The Haran Youth Center and Bozoba Youth Camp were completed soon.

Kasapoğlu continued his words:

“In 2002, the number of licensed athletes in our city in the 1600s is approaching 110,000 today. The number of sports clubs has increased from 51 to 170. Is that enough? Of course. That’s not enough. We continue to produce and work under the leadership of the President. Because there is no other way but to produce. Şanlıurfa More than ever to bring new champions, thinkers, poets and entrepreneurs out of Turkey. The swift decision-making that the presidential system has brought to our state is strong cooperation, coordination, and effective use of resources. We sign today based on needs, expectations, demands and strategies. We have prepared a new investment with a common mind. We will make our city and district a sport for all our citizens, especially our youth, and further strengthen our culture. “

Kasapoğlu states that building facilities and infrastructure is one aspect of work, and the other aspect is the intensive use of these facilities, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In our educational activities, cultural sports activities, volunteer activities, social activities. “Our sports facilities bring the most modern opportunities for our youth. Together, we bring out new champions from Şanlıurfa and athletes who raise our illustrious flag in many parts. We attach great importance to the spread of sports to the grassroots and to make sports accessible to everyone in all disciplines. “

“There are 15,393 young people in Sanliurfa who have learned to swim in Sanliurfa, which is not enough. This number is not enough,” said Casapoul, who taught millions of young people to swim in a project called “Some people can’t swim.” We need to increase the number. We have set our 2022 target at 75,000, “he said.

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