Samsunspor Playoffs Account-TRTSpor

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF), Spor Toto 1st Lig, TFF 2nd and 3rd league tournaments were delayed by a week due to bad weather. Knowing the decision, Samsunspor canceled his trip to Erzurum today and continued to work without rest. Continuing preparations at the Nuriasan facility under the control of Fuat Chapa, Samsunspor’s experienced director answered press questions after training.

“It is better to evaluate this process after the national team break”

Samsunspor coach Fat Chapa emphasized that it would be better to play a shifted week after the match against the national team, saying: “We expect heavy snow this weekend. If the statement had been issued a while ago, the club would have been more likely to organize. We were prepared to leave today, but we will respect that decision and announce it next time. We will prepare according to the calendar of. First, we need to confirm whether to play with Erzurumspor or Band─▒rmaspor. Or, whether to play with Band─▒rmaspor first, then Erzurumspor. Play the game next Saturday. However, games that are played on weekdays must be played on Tuesday, as playing daily after Tuesday can cause problems for us. Transportation is not easy. After a break from the national team, this I think it’s more accurate to evaluate the process. At least the league is fully played and it will be more accurate if each team has a week to play. If no such decision is made, the match is definitely somewhere. This will cause problems for the next few weeks. ” Said.

“The last two games have been as contrasting as black and white.”

Fat Chapa has stated that he is not happy with the games he has played and the scores he has gained in the last few weeks. “There is no reason to lose in the Menemenspor game. In the last couple of games we were angry that we left our game identity. We are improving when we have the ball. However, I played two games that recognized a very easy and simple goal when the ball was against my opponent. This was the opposite of white and black compared to the games I played before. We worked on it all week. We talked about the mistakes we made. We hope that in the future we will not accept such a simple goal or suffer a simple loss. He said.

“We want to win the first game we play and regain our confidence.”

Anchor also said that one win would reduce the pressure on the team. “The remaining 10 games are a long process with 30 points in between. We will fight to get everything, but look at the score of the first game and think about the next game later. You are in the top 6 If so, you’ll need to adjust your position in 3rd and 6th accordingly in the coming weeks. You need to see who will be in the playoffs for now. These are premature. Now we need to win the game we play first and provide both confidence and trust. Hopefully we have the expected and missed games and scores. Will get again. “ He said.

“People over 53 will participate in the playoffs”

Samsunspor coach Fat Chapa, who also shared his predictions about this year’s playoff point threshold, said:
“If you want to set goals, you have to be better than the team that has the goals. Otherwise, it’s not worth being there. In that respect, these matches are as difficult as we are. In the end, both sides will fight. It’s very difficult to predict the playoff point threshold at this point, but I think the 57-58 point band and 53 and above points will be in the top six. If you calculate the average score of, it may be around here. “

Meanwhile, Chihan Carlaman and Aladin Okmush, who were injured in Samsunspor, did not participate in the training, while Eraldo Cinari, who went to Albania for his father’s funeral, did not participate in the training.