Samsung Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Race Completed – TRT Spor


1,198 foreign swimmers from five continents took part in the 6.5km race that started at the Kanluja ferry terminal in Asia and finished at Kulcesme Cemil Topzur Park in Europe.

Initiated by Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharem Kassapore, the race, which saw athletes compete in the cold waters of the Bosphorus, took about 1.5 hours to complete.

race results

At the end of the race, Dukhan Urach was 1st in the men’s division with 48:13, Volodymyr Voronko was 2nd with 48:23 and Atakan Erkan was 3rd with 48:52. .

In the women’s general division, Burj Naz Narin was first in 48:14, Eche Yuldurm second in 48:59 and Nida Ellis Ustunder in 51:01. Seconds came in 3rd place.


Former Minister of State Kurshat Tuzmen, who beat the 60-64 category and moved up in the races he entered in past races, was on the podium for the achievement of finishing the race in 3rd place.

Turgut Aslan Yaraman (53:59) won first place in the Special Athletes category with Afsilal Mayor Turan Hancherli, Ugurkan Ozer (54:05) and Uhuk Muammer Ozkan (55:12). won third place.

Prizes and medals were awarded to the winners, Minister Mehmet Muharem Kassapol, Deputy Governor of Istanbul Niyazi Erten, President of the Turkish National Olympic Committee Ugur Erdener, Director of Youth and Sports Department of Istanbul Province International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member Karl Stoss, IOC General Director Christoph De Köpper, Besiktas District Governor, Leader Minister, Istanbul Metropolitan Region (IMM) Cityline General Manager Sinem Dedetaş were introduced .

Dokan Urachi: “The flow was a little more than last year. It was a little difficult”

Doğukan Ulaç and Burcu Naz Narin, who ranked first in the men’s and women’s categories of the general classification, spoke to the press about the race.

Dukkan Urach, who will be participating for the 7th time, said, “I participated for the first time in 2018. I am very happy. He mentioned coming to the race from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where Urác said he continued his morning and evening training.

Burcu Naz Narin, on the other hand, said that this was her first competition and she was very excited, adding that she put a lot of effort into training twice a day to get the degree.

Mayor Turan Hancheri Avsilar, who completed the race in the Special Athlete category, said it was his second time participating in the race.

“Of course, it is one of the most prestigious races in the world. Competitors from many countries of the world participate. It is the only race from Asia to Europe and today we swim from Asia to Europe. We sailed, it’s very important, I’m excited and proud to be in and pass this prestigious race.”

‘Strait’ Rating from Former Minister Tuzmen

Former minister Kurshat Tuzmen, who came in third in the age category of racing, said he has participated in 27 races and always gets a degree, adding: “People come here to swim. We want to be the last.” I think the world is coming here, that’s what we care about.”

Tuzmen evaluated the throat as follows:

“This is one of the most important trade corridors in the world. Today, the world grain crisis is solved thanks to these Turkish Straits. Thanks to the grain crisis, the British came to rest in the Dardanelles. is the reason they came to Çanakkale and we didn’t pass through.All the water that flows from here affects our trade flows.We should always think about this.Europe to the right and Asia to the left. Such a place and it makes me very happy.

Sports Istanbul General Manager I Renai Onur, one of the participants in the race, pointed out that the race is one of the activities that everyone who wants to experience Istanbul should do, “One of the events is to run across the bridge and the other is to cross the Bosporus. It is a very established organization. I’m proud, I missed the spectators approaching the players after the pandemic,” he said.