Sabah Spor’s writer appreciated the collapse of Turkish football in Europe

We have to go back to the breeder and developer team model!
Turkish football threw a towel in Europe. After Galatasaray was eliminated, he had no chance to finish the season in the top 15 of the UEFA rankings. From the 2023-2024 season, you will be fighting 4 teams instead of 5 in Europe. What are your comments on this dramatic painting?


New sports law needs to be enforced!
I saw the president, manager, and coach who saw the trophy as a chore … As media Repeatedly bad things We wrote, drew, said … There’s a problem here … they haven’t recognized it yet. They said about broadcast bidding, “Our league is a brand. We sell publications for good money.” Broadcast of today’s match No clear decision yet None. The numbers remained very small. If the club hadn’t been involved, the situation today might have been different. They couldn’t manage football, eyesight and money. Remember he was fighting in the Gençlerbirli, Denizli, Gaziantep, Malatya, Eskisehir and European Cups? Today, Malatya is on the relegation line, Eskisehir is in the middle, Denizli is in the lower leagues, and Karabuk went to amateurs. Our great team It has lost a lot of value in Europe over the years. Besiktas didn’t get any points. You need A to Z revisions to get up from the bottom. The new sports law should be passed soon.


TFF also has a declining share
The mistakes made by staff engineering clubs were supposed to push each other up, but efforts to lower the club not only reduced the quality of the league, but also caused it to bottom out in Europe. The Turkish Football Federation also plays a leading role in the collapse of Europe. They allow old and outdated foreign players to play. About club spending. Unfortunately forgiveness when setting limits They are acting. Most importantly, there is no massacre by so many trainers anywhere in the world. A coach fired from one club will start working in another club three weeks later. There are no standards applied by TFF for players, coaches and clubs. We are trying to save the day Success in Europe is lasting It’s not happening. We are taking the German model as an example of football and trying to bring in a referee model in the UK, but not the rules that apply in that country.


Success does not come true with Star Fancy
We made a bad picture ourselves. Includes media, board and technical director. What does football want today? Established game models, staff stability made up of players who know each other, and most importantly, a significant increase in physical condition in all sports around the world. We have a star He has a football fandom.If they weren’t run Even if they don’t fight They will play. For example; because Berkan and Taylan’s view of the game isn’t good enough, some people say, “What are these players doing in Galatasaray?” Of course, the important thing is for talented players to run at this level. But that’s not the case, so the most important reason why Galatasaray lost one in eight games in the European lane. The two warriors are Berkan and Taylan. Kerem, who entered the European radar with his talent today, created this environment because he was very well cared for and very strong.

Glucan birich

We can be Belgium
today Understand our team To the Europa League match When they come out with spare executives It was clear. Connect everything to money, Champions League Calculate his income, Europe Managers who don’t like the league We are in this situation thanks to our teachers. Turkish football is at a solid time. The only good thing about it is the big club president. Now the right plan is Understand that they have passed.Bankers Association Agreement Thanks to no more debt I can’t get it.Surprise performance in this process If not, we will live for another five years.If you are planning They make no changes, breeders-developers If you go back to the team model and enter this scenario 5 seasons if you can convince the fans


We must first end the fight and tension
There was a high school quiz. Teams were formed in classrooms within the school and the winners were believed to be the most knowledgeable, but when it came to competition on a country basis, everyone was measuring their height. In soccer like this. I think we did everything right in our school, the league. We only call it the “referee” who made the mistake. Best infrastructure They have the best fields, They are the strongest sponsors, have their income Than the heart of football with us There is. Most importantly, they have the patience to improve. Do you have these? Of course I do. First, you need to fight and end the tension. If you don’t start somewhere, you can’t go anywhere.