Saba Sports Writer evaluated our national team’s match against Portugal

Question: How do I play to pass a round in a Portuguese match? Who stands out? Which 11 should we be in the field with?


I have hope.
You don’t lose much … but Portugal has more than enough. suppression They will do the same.Turkey comfortable... Portugal drew with Ireland and lost to Serbia. After all, Serbia Passed the team We can beat.. Stefan Kuntz’s pre-match message is very positive. Facial expression is positive The weather is important. European players have been very successful in the last few weeks. We hope that their individual performances will be reflected in this match if they participate. We are true and solid We must protect. Goalkeeper Ugurkan is in good shape. He expects Dorkhan and Orkun to be in the middle. Their performance is top notch … Intel Hakan He has a great season. Our biggest trump card .. With the harmonious central midfield and powerful wings (Kelem-Sengiz) in the transition game, you can enjoy a feast in Turkey tonight. It’s difficult, but why? So Brak or Enes? of course With experience Black ..


They consider Dragan Stadium unlucky
He does not consider the Dragan Stadium to be auspicious. 2004 European Championship When they arrange Opening match Play here and go to greece They lost 2-1. With Greece in the final See you again They were beaten 1-0. We hope that the Dragao Stadium will bring good luck to the Turkish national team. Portugal is a team that actively fights the spectators. But in recent years, they haven’t worked. When the Turkish national team plays in a wide range of fields, it gives the opponent a serious position. We prefer controlled play and should plan to miss the fast wings like Cengiz and Kerem behind the Portuguese defense. Ronaldo as a name It’s too big, but 37 Remember that he is old. You must be careful not to foul, not to score a goal from the ball standing in front of the penalty area. I’m afraid of defense. Çağlar and Merih are players with weak technical skills. If they do not succeed in the first move, they make a mistake that brings a penalty. Hakan should take on the task of starting the game from behind. Ugurkan, Hakan, Brak, Kerem, and Sengiz are the trump cards.

Glucan birich

These boys rent us a tournament
Our moon star
The group lost surprise points and was sentenced to a playoff match. Their abilities and skills are clear as they beat France, the Netherlands and Norway. Whenever they want What they can do They showed it to everyone. Looking at the average age of the team, they have the opportunity to participate in three more big tournaments. They play with the best teams in Major League Baseball. This means Turkey. “Super League” tempo Poor training quality Not good’ They can’t complain. Portugal is a good team. However, they were also moved to Serbia. Their most important player is Ronaldo, 37. As such, we are faced with opponents who are spiritually equal and who can play with faith and without disdain for themselves. Penalty shootout How much time do you have? Therefore, the first 20 minutes Deadly. They will be under pressure. It would be wise to have a lot of balls and slow down the game. I installed artillery. There are open players across Europe like Cengiz and Kerem, there are good goalkeepers (Uğurcan), and the top two defenders (Çağlar-Merih) are carrying us.


If you catch it, you have to throw it away!
It was drawn a lot, but it wasn’t worse. We have to defeat two opponents in a row. The first is Portugal. 2016 Europe Champion … if Second if you can pass the round European champion in 2020 Italy… Of course, the football solution is endless. There is always hope. So we will go out and fight to the end. Porto has a group of passionate supporters. They have to deal with the pressure of the stand as much as their opponents on the field. If you can keep the match without allowing simple goals, you have a chance to catch up for 90 minutes. Most importantly, don’t miss those opportunities we have. Defender-Midfielder Well integrated need. You need to be careful with the set ball. Portugal attacks at home, so there are opportunities for corners and free kicks. You also need to push your opponent forward with fast wings. It’s difficult, but not impossible. Goalkeeper performance is important. In such a tough match, the goalkeeper must play well. We expect a lot from Cengiz when it comes to attacks.