Russia wants “neutral” Ukraine, Zelensky replies “we can think” … how does this end the war?

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with a Russian reporter that his country is “ready to talk about a neutral country” if the war is over. “Guarantee of security and neutrality, status as a nuclear-weapon state. We are ready for that,” he said.

No major improvement or impact?

These words of Zelensky seem to be a big improvement. By accepting a neutral country, Ukraine will abandon its intention to join NATO. This was one of the reasons Russia gave it when it started its business.

However, ending the Russian-Ukraine war is not so easy.

As the war prolonged, Zelensky’s rhetoric and demands changed.

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Pay attention to three situations

First, Zelensky publicly stated that Western countries would need to “accept a serious agreement” to support Ukraine in order for such an agreement to work, calling for security.

Second, Zelensky hopes to return the Russian army to its original position by February 24, due to these conditions. Putin, who has fought for more than a month to move forward, accepts this and seems unlikely to withdraw, especially in the south and east.

Third, Zelensky is calling for a referendum and constitutional amendment to accept a neutral country. This is a process that can take a year. But will Russian President Vladimir Putin take such a step before he is confident that what he has stipulated to stop the war will come true?

What does Russia really want?

First and foremost, the question of what Russia really intended in this war has not yet been answered.

Russia wants a neutral Ukraine, Zelensky replies that we can think ... How does this end the war?

Putin seems to be approaching getting what he wants at the table, even though his army is struggling on the front lines.

Did this war really break out because of Russia’s security and Ukraine’s intention to join NATO? Or to expand the pro-Russian territory of eastern Ukraine? Or was Putin’s real intention to completely end Ukraine’s ability to act as an independent sovereign state?

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Putin’s dream …

Vladimir Putin sees the collapse of the Soviet Union as a “historic collapse of Russia” and is trying to reverse it.

Russian leaders claimed that there was one Russian and one Ukrainian, denying Ukraine’s long history with the words “Ukraine did not have a stable tradition of being a true nation.”

Until 2013

Ukraine, which pressured pro-Russian leader Viktor Yanukovych not to sign an agreement with the European Union in 2013, triggered a protest overthrowing the President of Ukraine in February 2014.

Russia then occupied the Crimea region in southern Ukraine, causing a separatist rebellion in the east. After that, a war broke out that killed 14,000 people.

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When Russia prepared to invade Ukraine in February, it violated the 2015 Minsk Peace Agreement and unfoundedly insisted that NATO countries wanted to bring war to Crimea.

Russia wants a neutral Ukraine, Zelensky replies that we can think ... How does this end the war?

Putin’s NATO “Our historical future as a country” He was accused of intimidation.

So how can Russia accept neutral Ukraine?

Russia envisions “neutral and demilitarized” Ukraine, both with its own army and navy, both EU member states, such as Austria and Sweden.

Austrian Prime Minister Karl Nehammer said, “Austria has been and will continue to be neutral,” even if his country is part of NATO’s partnership for peace.

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But Sweden is not neutral, it is neutral. Sweden participated in NATO exercises, and Sweden actively discussed participating in NATO in the future.

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