Russia used the weapon for the first time in Ukraine!A terrible image of a school shot and 400 people left under rubble

The Russian-Ukraine War continues on the 24th day with a brutal attitude. After a series of shocking news from the region, the New York Times announced that Russia had attacked one of Ukraine’s most important headquarters with ballistic missiles, killing more than 40 soldiers. The flash statement came from Zelensky while Ukraine announced the number of Russian prisoners of war. Russia struck a school where 400 people were evacuated …


The war between Russia and Ukraine, which began on the morning of February 24 at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, continues at full speed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said peace talks with Russia were needed, albeit “not easy and fun”. Russia, which has recently been accused of targeting civilians, has now struck the headquarters of the Ukrainian Marine Infantry Brigade. The New York Times reported that the attack killed 40 Ukrainian soldiers. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that the Kinzar missile was used for the first time. Deputy Mayor Mariupol’s Pyotr Andryuschenko accused Russian troops of deporting 4,000 to 4,500 Mariupol residents across the border to Taganrog without a passport. Ukraine has announced that it has 562 Russian prisoners of war. This is the development of this area, every minute …

Seven humanitarian corridors open

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Bereshuk, announced today that seven humanitarian corridors will be opened to evacuate civilians from conflict areas. Vereschuk said a total of 190,000 civilians have been evacuated from these areas since Russia began attacking Ukraine on February 24.

They announced the loss of the Russian army

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army shared data on the loss of Russian troops from February 24th to March 20th. Therefore, 14,700 soldiers from the Russian army attacking Ukraine were killed, 96 aircraft, 118 helicopters, 476 tanks, 1487 armored vehicles, 230 cannons, 74 rocket launch systems, Forty-four Russian air defense systems have been destroyed.

The final version of the hit theater building was shared

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba shared on his Twitter account the final version of the theater shot down by Russian troops in Mariupol last week. Clever writes: “These are the remains of the Mariupol theater where hundreds of civilians are hiding. Russia’s inhumane war crimes. I want a partner with a multinational company working with Russia. How can I deal with them? Can the person doing this feed serve or can you pay? “

Ukraine announced: 112 children were killed

The Ukrainian Parliament has announced that 115 Ukrainian children have been killed since the beginning of the Russian occupation. Russia has announced that it has used hypersonic missiles again in Ukraine. “The Kinzal aviation missile system with hypersonic ballistic missiles has destroyed a large storage area for Ukrainian troops near the Kostyantynivka settlement in the Mykolaiv region,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

This time Russia struck a school where hundreds of people were evacuated.

According to breaking news, Russian troops bombed an art school in Mariupol, evacuating 400 people. According to a statement from the city of Mariupol, art school No. 12 in the Levoberejuni district was attacked, “Russian invaders attacked art school No. 12 in the Levoberezuni district, where children, women and the elderly were hiding. About 400 people. The situation of those who were under the rubble has been revealed. It is inhumane. “People who commit war crimes will be held liable.”

Sergei Orlov, Deputy Mayor of Mariopol, said: The factory is not functioning and the metal factory is completely destroyed. “90 percent of the city was destroyed by the Russians,” he said.

Zelenski: Peace is talked about, but it’s not easy and fun …

Ukrainian President Zelensky said the siege of Russia’s port city Mariupol was “a terrorist act that would be remembered for centuries.” Zelensky added that peace talks with Russia were needed.

NYT Announces: Russia Attacks Important Headquarters: 40 Soldiers Dead

The New York Times (NYT), citing senior Ukrainian military officials, announced that more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in a Russian attack on a naval base in Mykolaiv. Officials told the NYT that the headquarters of the 36th Ukrainian Naval Infantry Brigade may have been attacked by long-range weapons such as the Iskander-M ballistic missile. The Iskander missile is a short-range ballistic missile system made in Russia. Alexander has a variety of conventional warheads, including various cluster munitions, hot vaporization, highly explosive fragmented warheads, bunker piercing, and electromagnetic pulses for anti-radar missions.

Russia used it for the first time in Ukraine 4! What is a dagger?

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the day before that it attacked ammunition and arsenals in western Ukraine with hypersonic Kinzar missiles. Russian authorities emphasized that this advanced system was used for the first time. Russian news agency RIA Novosti emphasized in this statement of the Russian Army that advanced weapons with nuclear capabilities were used for the first time in the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who introduced Kinzal to the public in 2018, announced that the missile can carry a nuclear warhead and is ten times faster than the speed of sound.

How many POWs are there in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk has announced that there are 562 Russian prisoners of war in Kyiv. Deputy Mayor Mariupol’s Pyotr Andryuschenko accused Russian troops of deporting 4,000 to 4,500 Mariupol residents across the border to Taganrog without a passport. Andryuschenko told The New York Times that thousands of people had evacuated to downtown sports facilities and most insiders thought they were being taken to Russia.