Russia-Ukraine War … Shock after Putin’s shock: He had the worst day

As the war between Russia and Ukraine entered the second month, Russian leader Putin probably had the most difficult and worst day of his career on March 24, 2022.

Russia-Ukraine War ... Shock after Putin's shock: He had the worst day

Built, one of Germany’s most widely read newspapers, said March 24 was a very bad day for Putin and struggled all day with news from both the war, the diplomatic desk, and his country. Said.

Bilt said the first bad news that 69-year-old Putin received yesterday was that Ukrainian soldiers repelled Russian soldiers near Kyiv, as well as the destruction of a Russian ship named Orsk off the coast of Berdyans’k. He emphasized that it is very important.

Yesterday, the attack on the Russian warship Orsk and the explosion of the ship also gave the Kremlin a cold shower effect.

Diplomatic coup coming at noon

World leaders met in Brussels towards noon, while it was noted that the progress of Russian soldiers was delayed in the morning hours. Leaders such as US President Joe Biden, French President Macron, German Chancellor Schortz, Erdogan, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the war.

The G7 prevented Russia from selling its gold reserves. While it was decided not to sell about $ 240 billion in gold reserves, the United States decided to impose sanctions on Russian parliamentarians and other officials. Meanwhile, the Polish government has frozen the account of the Russian embassy in Warsaw.

The German Bild newspaper wrote that Putin’s credible name, Andrei Jalin, could not give good news to Russian leaders, but he had problems with slowing production chains and increasing spare parts. Attention was paid to. Built also wrote that the airline was unable to issue tickets due to lack of paper and ink.

According to German media news, “The Kremlin calculates that Russia’s reserves are sufficient for just three to six months. As natural gas prices fall, so does revenue.

News from NATO in the evening

The Bild newspaper announced in the evening that NATO has decided to send 40,000 troops to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia. While it was stated that weapons, including anti-ships and weapons, would be sent to Ukraine, France also decided for the first time to activate three nuclear submarines at the same time.

US President Joe Biden also warned China at a press conference, saying Russia should be excluded from the G20 countries. Mr Biden said China’s support for Russia would have economic implications.

Putin’s staff escape

The agenda was yesterday that a high-ranking name close to Putin disappeared or was seen in another country. Anatoly Chubais, one of Putin’s most credible figures, was seen withdrawing money from Turkish ATMs, which was on the agenda and the absence of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu attracted attention in the international media for several weeks. ..

A short video with Shoigu was released in the evening, but we still don’t know when this video was shot.

Meanwhile, the Bild newspaper pointed out that Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin last met on March 11, and has not been contacted since then.

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