Russia switched to “Plan B”-Latest News

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Russia, which entered Kyiv within a few days at the beginning of the occupation and aimed to replace the Volodymyr Zelensky administration with a pro-Russian administration, hoped for a swift victory and secured at least important land in the south. Switched to the new strategy I was aiming for disappeared.

Resistance was effective

Putin has launched “Plan B” due to resistance raised by Ukraine over the past three weeks, according to Wall Street Journal news based on US authorities. The current goal is to convince Kyiv to abandon the Crimean Peninsula and eastern Donbus, and the southern corridor connects it to Russia.

Trial in Mariupol

According to US officials, Russia will continue a long and devastating siege instead of wiping out attacks to persuade Kyiv. What happened in Mariupol in the south is seen as an element of this plan. The city between Crimea and Donbus has been besieged for weeks. 80% of the city’s private buildings were bombed. Many cities in the north, including Sumi, are closed.

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How effective is it

Russian President Vladimir Putin is also trying to convince Ukraine to abandon NATO’s bid and remain neutral. Kyiv is ready to make concessions to NATO and the neutral nations in negotiations, but there are currently no signs of abandoning its territory, including Crimea and Donbus.

The city was not delivered

Finally, the Mariupol administration rejected the call for “surrender” despite the news that Russian soldiers had advanced to the city center. The Russian Defense Ministry has requested that strategically important port cities be handed over until 05:00 local time yesterday.

The mall was grounded

With this tactical change, Russia continues to attack Kyiv. Russian troops, which maintain relative control in the suburbs such as Bucha and Irpin around the capital, struck the Retroville shopping center yesterday. At least eight people died as the shopping center, 11 kilometers away from the city square, became unavailable. Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced that it was hit because the shopping center was used as a warehouse for the rocket launcher system.

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Brief explanation from Ukraine

Chernobyl’s first shift change
On the first day of the occupation, the shift change became possible for the first time at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant under the control of the Russian army. About half of the facility’s 200 technicians and support personnel returned home four weeks later. It is still unclear if the rest of the team members will be replaced.

Fertilizer plant leak
An ammonia leak occurred at a fertilizer plant in the town of Novoselizia in northern Ukraine. The 5 km area was declared dangerous due to a leak allegedly caused by a Russian artillery attack. Poisonous gas is lighter than air, so we were asked to descend into basements and bunkers.

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Shocking claim

“Putin drives Ukrainians to Siberia”

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been accused of genocide against Ukrainians, as in World War II. According to the British Daily Mail, civilians evacuated from Ukraine to Russia will be sent to distant cities in Siberia after being collected at a screening center with their mobile phones and ID cards confiscated.
The Mariupol city council of Ukraine claimed that thousands were taken to Russia and then deported to remote cities to work for free. Prior to yesterday’s EU meeting, EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said: Destroy everything, bomb and kill everyone. This is very scary, “he said.

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