Russia has caught 500 people! They are used as human shields …

On the 21st day of the war, bitter news continues from the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol. Regional Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko has announced that Russian troops have occupied the hospital and contained 500 prisoners for use as human shields. Newborns who have lost their parents in other hospitals in the city are having a hard time surviving, but experts claim that Russia’s “humanitarian corridor” proposal is out of the Syrian guide.

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The Russian-Ukraine War is today on the 21st day. The situation in the port city of Mariupol, which has been the target of the Russian army since the first day of the attack and has begun a dramatic scene, is getting worse. More than 2,500 civilians have died as a result of Russia’s attack in the city, according to figures released by Ukraine. Those who managed to escape from the city that turned into hell say that despair spread to the area after the invasion of Russian troops.

Citizen’s target in case

Images from women and obstetric hospitals taken in the city last week revealed that many pregnant women and babies were the targets of the bomb. A few days after the attack that shook the world, Russian troops again targeted civilians. This time I attacked the tumor hospital.

The hospital is covered and 500 people are retained to save lives.

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The latest news from the strategic port city of Mariupol is again about hospitals. Russian troops are said to have occupied hospitals in southern cities and held 500 Ukrainians hostage for use as human shields.

According to regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko, Russian troops gathered 400 people from homes near the hospital and 100 doctors and patients in the hospital. At a hospital also known as the intensive care unit, Kirikleenko said Russian soldiers used internal people as human shields. “It’s impossible to get out of the hospital, they shoot too hard.” Said.

The hospital’s main building was severely damaged by the bombing, but medical staff continue to treat patients in the temporary ward located in the basement.

Premature babies leave halfway

But this is not the only sad news from the region. Thousands of people who wanted to escape the days of bombardment left the area. There was a desperate scene at a hospital in Mariupol when the family flocked to escape. At The Third Hospital in the city, premature babies whose parents died during the war or who had to leave the city are struggling for their lives.

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No one trusts russia

Russia has announced that it has set up a safe corridor to allow civilians to leave Ukraine, but Ukrainians did not appear to trust Russia for safe evacuation. The evacuation route created by Moscow sent most civilians to Russia and Belarus, but Russia continued to attack the city with rockets even after the corridor was announced.

Ukrainian officials said that so far about 20,000 people have fled Mariupol through the humanitarian corridor and 570 of the 4,000 vehicles leaving the city have arrived in Zaporizhia.

Humanitarian CORRODS games from Syrian gamebooks

Russia advertises Ukraine’s “humanitarian corridor” as evidence that it does not want civilians to go to war. However, experts studying corridor practices in Syria claim that Moscow uses them only as deceptive accessories.

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According to the United Nations, more than 3 million Ukrainians are refugees in neighboring countries and about 2 million are internally displaced persons.

Syrian expert Sasha Ghosh-Simionoff told insiders that the tactics of attacking the humanitarian corridor are the tactics Russia has repeatedly used in Syria.

“It is a siege war tactic that Russia agrees to open humanitarian corridors and bombs them to prevent people from leaving. They did this in Aleppo in 2016. Humanitarian corridors open. But people could only go to areas controlled by the administration. “

Russia has captured 500 people, who will be used as human shields ...

Aerial view of a burnt skyscraper in Mariupol’s city350 thousand people standing in the city

In a statement yesterday, Mariupol’s mayor’s adviser, Petro Andrew Schenko, said of the situation in the region: “In the first three days of the Russian attack, 690,000 people have been evacuated. However, since March 1, 350,000 have been trapped in the city. Most people cover basements and buildings. He lives in a moat inhumanely. “There is no food, no water, no electricity, no heaters,” he said.