Run The Island Bozcaada was the scene of a fun moment


Run the Island Bozcaada was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Bozca District Administration, the Municipality of Bozca, the Turkish Athletics Federation and the Bozca Tourism Administration Association and welcomed thousands of people. At the group held at Ayazma Bay, there was a high level of interest in swimming, beach volleyball, and running. Participants struggled to rank on the 1500 meter swim track. And in 21K and 10K, the battle for the ranking intensified.

Bozja District Governor Muhammet Mustafa Qala, Bozja Mayor Hakan Yılmaz, Bozja Gendarmerie Commander Murat Tekin and Bozja Coast Guard Commander Mustafa Gürmez presented the top three winners with awards after the race.


Batuhan Buğra Eruygun, director of the Run The Island Bozcaada Organization, said it was the first event he organized after his sporting career. The track is complete, nothing was missing. Beautiful. And we chose a fast track. We completed the organization without any problems. We tried to go a little higher than last year, and I think we succeeded. There were about 1,300 registered participants. But the event in the region alone had 2,500 participants. At the same time, this is a good event for Bozcaada. There must be an organization.


Tahir Erdemir: challenges and beautiful routes

Describing his first time competing in Bozcaada, money athlete Tahir Erdemir said, “I usually participate in long-distance races like this. I have a goal to run Ironman.At the same time, I am a national money athlete.This year, I switched to triathlon.I participated in three races. I actually raced here for Alanya, we have a cup in October, we do both training and sprints, swim 100-150 meters, bike 20 kilometers, run 5 kilometers That’s what the 10 km run here is going for.”That was my training level.It’s a good track.It was my first race.I didn’t know the track very well.It was a little too high.Especially the turns.” It was full of altitude compared to going.It was a challenging and beautiful track.I was lucky.Finish well.”

ADA exhibition attracting attention

An exhibition of paintings by Çağla Genç and Azra Genç on the theme of acrylic islands has attracted the attention of the participants. Artist Çağla Genç said, “This is my first exhibition. I expressed my joy because it was the first time we were together in shape.In future events, art and sports will also be encouraged.I will continue to work hard to bring it together,” he said. .

Common classifications for swimming are:


1 Batuhan Sagin 00:14:28

2 Melt Akun 00:15:54

3 Barris Kakir 00:16:43


1 Halletigan 00:20:37

2 Sinem Ctruana 00:21:03

3 Ozge Beren 00:21:41

Here are the 21K overall standings:


1 Evgeny Vasiliev 01:30:19

2 Behrur Katas 01:30:29

3 Anil Sevinci 01:35:25


1 Marve Isler 02:00:03

2 Belgian Ali 02:06:44

3 Nevahat Ylmaz 02:11:20

Here are the 10K overall standings:


1 Mehmet Aydıngör 00:36:56

2 Ahmet Tech 00:38:49

3 Bilal Ozturk 00:39:14


1 Efsen confirmed 00:50:12

2 Gürten Zob Celik 00:51:16

3 Echehan Sofoglu 00:51:58