Response from the Ministry to the news of “Public Damage to Canakkale Bridge”

The Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure states that the construction and operation period of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 (16 years, 6 months, 12 days in total) will not be changed, and if the project is completed early, it will be included in the operation period. .. “The terms of the agreement allowed contractors to delay opening 1.5 years earlier than expected by encouraging them to close the project early, saving € 622.5 million.‘ was used by.

Deniz Yavuzyılmaz, Deputy CHP ZonguldakWe have determined that the contract game has increased the amount of deposit paid to the responsible company by 395,847,000 euros. After May 28, 2034, the actual opening date of the bridge will be advanced, but the actual opening date of the bridge will be carried forward, but it will affect the implementation contract and the contract period for the transfer of the bridge to the general public. It was decided to end. The release will not be accelerated!‘He declared.

“Savings of € 622.5 million”

“Article 5 of the contract with the contractor is to clearly and clearly state the construction and operation period (16 years, 6 months, 12 days in total),” said the Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. If terminated early, “The provisions of this contract allowed contractors to complete the project early, which allowed them to delay opening 1.5 years earlier. More than expected, 600 million. We saved 22.5 million euros. “

The project was calculated to include “expropriation costs”, “operational and severe maintenance costs” in a statement said to have been completed with an investment of € 2,045 million. Nominal value) “. “Financial costs” paid by the current company “The guarantee amount promised by the government to the company in charge is 3,0796 million euros, but despite the early operation period, this cost is 12% less. The alleged damage is It’s completely fictitious and disorganized. “

In a statement allegedly intended to provide and direct false information to the public, the allegations made are as follows:

  • We have repeatedly reiterated that opposition is not hostile to nations or nations. We abandon this hostile route, do not mislead our country with lies, and prevent foreign tourists and investors from coming to Turkey with forged claims and intimidation. I repeatedly warned you to stop trying. When they didn’t give up on this path, we started legal proceedings with their various slanders. We introduced them to public conscience and justice. But these people, who adopt lies, defamation, and defamation as their idealism, give up trying to cling to something new and appear to be “opposed” every time they make a false accusation. Hmm. We do not give up our service to our country or fight these customers.

What happened?

CHP Zonguldak Deputy Deniz YavuzyilmazShared billions of lira made on the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 from his social media account.

Citing CIMER as a source, Yavuzyılmaz shared his blockbuster on his Twitter account.AK Party with an emphasis on Canakkale Bridge“He explained. Yavuzyılmaz stated the money to be paid to the company responsible for the contract game of the Canakkale Bridge built with a build-operate-transfer model. 395,847,000 euros He said it increased.