Reply to criticism from Ahmet Null Sebi-TRT Spor

Besiktas Club Chairman Ahmet Nur Chebi said the debt was not properly reflected by the Board of Corporate Auditors.

“Debt 4.03 billion lira”

At the 2021 regular administrative and financial meeting held at the BJK Aquatal Culture and Sports Complex, Mr. Chebi said: “I have never learned to read what is written in the report. The board of corporate auditors wrote down the debt of 40.9 billion lira, but the cashier does not count 600 million lira. The debt is 40. It’s 300 million lira. ” Said.

Cheb said he wanted to balance income and spending.i, “My goal is to balance income and expenditure. My era’s income is 1.0822 billion and spending is 1.0859 billion lira. We are in a pandemic-like era. I lived. Pandemic. Did I bring the virus to China too? Because of the pandemic. The money we lost will be $ 1 billion in two years. “II spoke his words.

“Players excluded from the team were not hired during our term.”

Sevi, who also responded to criticisms of director Abdullah Abju, said, “I intended to pay Abdullah Abju 29 million TL, but paid another 2 million TL to other teachers. I made a profit of 30 million euros with those teachers. We are a big community. “What’s wrong with you, how can we help?” We said. “You can’t help me, I’m out of energy,” he said. I said “let’s send you”, he said “no”. This is the President, do I need to keep a man with no energy in Besiktas’s head? Players excluded from the team were not recruited during our period. The three coaches said they didn’t work for the team. These are worth 60 million euros. These contracts were not made in our time. “ I made that evaluation.

“I brought Dr. Selgen and Dr. Ismael. Both were successful.”

Talking about Ondel Caravelli, Sebi said, “We brought teachers from the infrastructure and they ruined the man. The leader Caraveli came, ate the man and finished it. The man came to us, “I’m about to die, I can’t breathe,” he said. The teacher who came now is also very nice. When I looked it up, I found a very good teacher. You can see what this club looks like next year. He will succeed. Since I came, I have brought Dr. Selgen and Dr. Ismael. If something happens, you will be asked to explain here next year. We received 4 cups, but these social media players didn’t suit us. There are managers who give them enough rewards. “ I used the phrase.

Keeping in mind that legal proceedings continued after KPMG’s report, President Cebi continued:

“We said we would prepare a KPMG report, but they were surprised. They said,” I can’t bring it to court. ” “We have filed 20 proceedings,” the speaker said. During the time of Ficreto Oman, my friend here had something wrong. I apologized to my child and withdrew the proceedings filed against him regarding his obligations. This is Besiktas’ support. We know who to protect. “

“I have no problem with the fans, they love me, I love them”

Sebi also said the fans were fine. “No problem for fans. They love me. I love them. Despite inflation, I gave as many discounts as possible so that I could watch the game comfortably. Fans before. There is a video shot by Fenerbahce’s match, first blaming its fans. He shot it while the president was trying to respond to his remarks. Another community. I blame your president. You’re trying to knock me down while you’re wearing it on your head. ” He said.

Çebi said he would rely on football players from the infrastructure to reduce costs. “I know the situation of the kids playing from the infrastructure since we came here. They all feel very good. We’ve been cutting the team for two years and it feels like a diamond. Don’t sign a contract with Besiktas and let him go to his mother’s house. I don’t thank anyone who doesn’t appreciate Besiktas. ” I made that evaluation.

Chebi also said he would be with Huat Chimen, a presidential candidate for tomorrow’s General Assembly, if he was elected.If you can trust it, vote for Fuat. If they are elected, I will be with them. There were thousands of executables when we arrived. There were no 100 lira in the safe. Fat, if you win, you have a vault of 100 million lira. have fun. ” I used the phrase.

“If 90% of the law is true, it’s not 10.”

Talking about sports law, Sevi said:

“Sports law is designed to discipline us. We adhere to it. I went to the president for restructuring two days before the pandemic. He said,” How far is Ahmet? ” I did. The percentage of the law is correct, but not 10. From past debt. “If we hold newcomers accountable, we can’t handle it. These are the largest state-controlled institutions. We have Yıldırım Demirören’s debt. 100 million people have been eliminated. Donations Accepts, but accepts in another way. We sat down and talked with Yıldırım Demirören about the debt that could not be eliminated in the second presidential post for seven years. “

Response to criticism of “silence about referees”

In response to criticism that he kept silence about the referee, Sebi said, “I fought the referee on how to eat my yogurt. Maybe missing. As they say, a coup d’etat happened. Even with the wrath of the masses, they could hurt us. I said, next year, when one of the referees comes here, as you say, I’ll punch the table in 10 minutes from morning till evening. I’ll do a double.‘ He said.

“(I won’t let you go) If I open my hand, I open my hand to Besiktas fan.”

About the “I Will Not Let You Go” campaign, Cebi, “When I opened my hand, I opened my hand to Besiktas fan. I opened it again. The campaign had great moral support. Some businessmen showed no interest. A monument to success was written on basketball. Our strategy is on track. I want you to be with us.‘ He said.

He also praised the members of the board before the speech and met with Huat Timen, an opponent of tomorrow’s elections, to pray for his success.