Rent of 3000TL is now 12000TL

One month has passed since Russia’s war with Ukraine. The effects of the war were felt deeply around the world, but the fact that some Russian and Ukrainian citizens left the country to Antalya also shook the real estate market. Especially in Antalya, rental prices have risen three to four times. 3000TL apartments have begun to be rented for 12000TL.

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The war between Russia and Ukraine has raised the prices of home sales and rentals in Antalya. Especially in the center of Muratpasha and the Konyaarti district, the activity of the real estate sector has increased significantly, especially the furnished apartments near the city center have fallen into the black market. Due to high demand, apartments in buildings without even elevators were rented for 2,500 to 3,000 TL and began to be rented to Russian and Ukrainian citizens for 10,000 to 12,000 TL. In addition, contracts for these apartments are arranged with a rent of 6-12 months and a deposit of 20-25 thousand TL. Semih T. said he rented a 3 + 1 apartment in Muratpaşa Bahçelievler Mahalesi to a Ukrainian citizen couple for one year with cash, 10,000 TL rent and 20,000 TL deposits. He said in a building without an elevator, “I rented an apartment in a complex away from the center. I moved to an apartment. I will pay 6000 TL rent for this flat.”

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Security concerns

Keeping in mind that foreigners’ interest in Antalya is not new, President Dubutchetin of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce (ATSO) provided Hürriyet with the following information: However, war can also cause security migration and capital outflows from Russia and Ukraine. Antalya is home to about 30,000 Russian Federation citizens and about 8,000 Ukrainian citizens. Compared to last year, home sales to Russians increased by 96% and sales to Ukrainians increased by 85% in February. 4% of Turkey’s sales are overseas, but this percentage is 23% in Antalya. “The war between Russia and Ukraine has upset the overall balance of the real estate sector,” said Ismail Chagler, President of the Antalya Real Estate Agent Chamber of Commerce. TL. The agency needs to initiate an audit on this issue. “

Local tenants are surprised

Muratpaşa Bahçelievler Neighboring headman Ahmet Ateş said: Seeing the high rent, he wants a higher rent with the logic that my house is better. This is hitting local tenants. Maybe foreigners have the power to pay this rent, but what do Turkish citizens do? ” Said. Eyüp Karakaya, Headman of Konya altı Altınkum Neighborhood, said: The price of the contract is astronomical. The overall balance of Antalya is out of order. “(Selim Uzun)

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VILLA’s weekly rent has increased to € 500

Mehmet Muhammed Yıldırım, Chairman of the KAŞCity Youth Council and tourism and real estate operator, also explained the fee structure that incurs exorbitant rent in tourist areas: Up to 10,000 lira. However, the arrival of many Russians and Ukrainians in the area has made incredible rental prices noticeable. Real estate owners have begun to demand a weekly rent of € 500. In addition, the committee group was formed from the inhabitants of Russia and Ukraine. They posted on social media in their own language, saying, “Don’t trust the Turks. We will find you a home.” They negotiate fees with realtors. They are trying to get money from their own citizens who have fled the war zone with their last savings. The established system pays 3-4 brokers who intervene until a Russian or Ukrainian buys a real estate agent’s house. Even small studio apartments incur astronomical rents of € 1500-2000. ” (Selenium Dennis)