Referee needs a very good transfer



1- It’s only the second week of the season, but the big three clubs are starting to react to the referees. How will Super League referees be affected by these reactions?


Not so surprising. Timing change only. In the past, it took him six to seven weeks on average for these reactions to appear, but this season they happened early. These are reactions that went hand in hand with the expectations generated by the club’s pre-season transfers. MHK and Football Federation stances determine the extent to which referees are influenced. If this stance changes in tandem with facility visits, the referee’s influence will inevitably be shaped accordingly.


Murat Fevzi Tanirulli: Football federation final exams start now


Clubs we have known about referees for decades. European football authorities prevent speech and actions that harm the game with tough sanctions. “Fair play” and “Trust” in all circumstances have been our motto since the day of the appointment, said TFF president Mehmet Buyukeksi, “our sensitive point.” It’s time for the TFF exam. Is it a continuation of formal penalties, or is it a message of “we are taking steps to clean up this business”? “I don’t get burned,” you might think.

2- Considering the position of Kasimpa 2 Xa – F. Bahçe in the match when we say to apply the robotic offside system in VAR and the World Cup, should we introduce goal line technology?

FIRAT AYDINUS: Tech Justice or Navigation Pleasure?

I’m all for using technology, but if you put too much technology into a game that gets better by mistake, it’s less fun to watch. where are we going Semi-automatic offside technique, goal technique…the next step? If this continues, the drone will hover over the referee on the field and come to the third observer. You have to ask if you’re trying to find justice through technology, or if you want to improve the enjoyment of watching this beautiful game.


Murat Fevzi Tanirulli: British say ‘Don’t touch our soccer ball’

England still has a devoted fan base that reacts strongly when the referee signals for VAR. They claim ‘Don’t touch our football’. The yes and no votes for VAR and other technological developments are still evenly matched. Goal line technique may require him twice in a year, but remember Manchester City won him two seasons ago from Liverpool by an 11mm decision. Due to the physical anatomy of the players and the spirit of the game, I am against millimeter-level detection by semi-robotic offside techniques, but goal line techniques have a scientific counterpart.

3- If Kadir Salem was injured in the Galatasaray vs. Giresun match, he would be unable to continue his duties3 and the inexperienced A. Deniz Kayatepe would have overseen the rest of the match. where is the mistake? ?


FIRAT AYDINUS: 4th umpire appointments in first 2 weeks highly disproportionate

The allocation of fourth referees in the first two weeks is highly disproportionate. Due to the limited staff presence and the fact that MHK’s president said yes to unscheduled and unscheduled work, he found this staff in his arms. If MHK knowingly accepts this mission, things get even worse. This nefarious photo was brought to the table as a result of what happened to the referee last year. Certainly, the larger pool and depth of teams will make allocations such as the Super League more accurate.We should seize the opportunity to rebuild the classification in November.

MURAT FEVZİ TANIRLI: Need to create a blend of experience and youth


During the first week, the fourth referee in every match was a Super League category referee. In the second week, all four referees were assigned from lower leagues. Experienced youth blends should be done in healthy proportions. Just as whistle-blowing names are assigned according to the difficulty of the match, the assistant referees and 4th officials should be treated similarly. Alongside this, I think the challenges for week 3 are healthier. Of course, MHK is also starting the season, so I would like to change the role of each referee and respond flexibly. His all-or-nothing approach can have dire consequences.

4- 17 referees remain due to Kadir Salem’s injury uncertainty and 4 referees due to Yasin Kol’s penalty. What are the days of waiting for the referee of the Super League?


FIRAT AYDINUS: Under what conditions are the rewards and punishments valid?

This question needs to be answered not only by TFF and MHK, but by involving all stakeholders involved in football. I don’t know which football stakeholders will take my word for it. But the fallen do not cry. As for what awaits the Superleague referee. The question that needs to be asked is whether the concept of punishment and reward works with this limited team during the season. whether or not


Referees need very good transfers! Half of the teams have a Super League career of no more than 4-5 years. For example, Kadir Sağlam has been in the Super League for five months. Cüneyt Çakır, Fırat Aydınus and Halis Özkahya have resigned as referees. Khalil Umt Merer and Tugai Khan Numanor were injured while Hussein Gocek and Erkan Ozdamar were unable to run. Once the match is made, the name is suspended. For this reason, we need to review the distinction between VAR and field staff, which no other league has in the world. The VAR team needs five names from him who have been in the Super League for years, especially during this time.