Red cards divided countries … who said what-sports

During the Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor match, fans entered the field and attacked referee Zolbay Kuchuk.

There was no winner in Kadikoy’s giant derby. League leader Trabzonspor lost two points in the match and faced Fenerbahce, who had 10 players left at Ulker Stadium. Fenerbahce, who scored a goal in the second half and scored one goal, continued to win in a row without losing the match against Trabzonspor on the field.

This week’s match at the Super League Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor match was confusing on the field. The fact that Fenerbahce sent off Ilfan Jean Carvech with a red card in the 17th minute was a big hit from the stand.

Fans jumped off the stand and attacked Zorbay Küçük, the whistle-blowing referee at the end of the first half.

Soccer players and security forces supporters worked hard.

These moments are:

Explanation during the match

After the event, Fenerbahce issued a statement while the match continued. The dark blue club, shared in capital letters from a social media account, writes:

“We have expressed concern about the referee appointed at midnight! All Turkey confirms that we were right in 17 minutes! Forgetting that he is a member of the TFF board and appointing the referee The helper shall sooner or later ship to your account! “

In a post from Fenerbahce “A person who helps appoint a referee” Called “TFF Vice-Chairman means Servet Jardinci” It led to a comment.

Servet Jardimuchi’s business relationship

On the other hand, the relationship of Servet Jardinchi suggested by Fenerbahce was the subject of discussion.

Two agencies within the TFF, especially Servet Yardimci, the Vice-Chairman of the TFF, are influential in the appointment of referees, which is widely debated in a match that continues with millions of fans.

Servet Yardimci allegedly had a business relationship with AhmetŞahin, the first vice-chairman of the Central Arbitration Commission (MHK) responsible for appointing referees.

Odatv had previously revealed that Servet Jardinchi is sponsoring one of the Super League teams, Rizepo.

The same referee will be on the proceedings again

Zorbay Küçük has also been frequently on the agenda for his decisions and reactions this season.

TFF has begun investigating Zorbaikchuk, who said “shit” to Galatasaray players in the match between Galatasaray and Basaksehill, and “Are you going to throw soccer boots?” To Arda Turan in the locker room.

After two weeks off after these events, Zorbay Küçük started the game again.

Red card split in two

The position of the red card shown to Ilfan Khan divided Turkish public opinion.

Comments on that position are as follows:

Ahmet Çakar: Tonight is the night when the Turkish referee is over. This red card is the night when TFF and MHK’s desire to take revenge on Fenerbahce became apparent. God criticizes the people who made this night tonight.

Ilfan Jean Kavech wrote in 2020 that “justice is everything we need!” He retweeted his tweet.

Abdülkerim Durmaz: The president who pulled the team off the field when the red card was issued will go down in history. This community accepts the punishment given as a reward.

Serhat Akın: As long as there is such a referee, you can’t watch football in this country !!! Shame on you.

Sercan Hamzaoğlu: Such a scandalous decision was expected by a referee appointed at midnight. shame on you…

Ahmet Ercanlar: The history of Turkish football has never experienced such a suspicious time.

OnurTuğrul: Not all presses are red cards. This position is in the Premier League this season. Despite VAR’s control, no red card or penalty was given.

Erman Toroğlu: “Ilfan Jean Kavech’s support leg is on the ground. He can step on and then take off. This is definitely a red card.”

Mehmet Yılmaz: “Clear red card.

Gürcan Bilgiç: “I don’t even have a yellow card.”

Fenerbahce Vice-Chairman Errol Bilechik: “Tonight is the dirt of Turkish football! There is a systematic injustice in Fenerbahce. Trabuzon Spor didn’t need that.”

Statement from TFF: We call on prosecutors to work

The Turkish Football Federation has issued a statement regarding the match between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor. The match ended 1-1 in the 28th week of the Sportto Super League.

The statement he shared on the official website of the Turkish Football Federation is:

“On the Prevention of Violence and Disability in Sports, No. 6222, Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor Tonight, Sporttoto Super League on unfounded claims made on official and informal social media accounts before, during and after the match. Conducted as a TFF in. “A comprehensive investigation into the circumstances that make up a crime under the law has begun.

We urge prosecutors to investigate and act contrary to 6222 due to unacceptable accusations against members of the Board and their appointed federal officials.

On this occasion, we once again call on the football community to be cautious.

In honor of the people “