Red card comment from Fenerbahce director Ismail Kartal

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After the match, Fenerbahce coach Ismail Kartal, who drew 1-1 with Trabzonspor, said. Cartal said he was pleased with the hard work of the team and said: “We are very strong against everyone with these fans,” he said.

Fenerbahce, who hosted Trabzonspor in the 28th week of the Sport Super League, drew one-on-one, and Ismail Cartal answered questions at a post-match press conference. Cartal, who evaluated the match and started his speech, said, “I wanted to win this match and I was ready. Thank you to all the fans. Thank you very much for your support from the beginning to the end of the match. Is the spirit and character of Fenerbahce today. Although he was late 1-0, he scored a goal. He had a position. He played to win even 10 people. This is the coat of arms of Fenerbahce. We are 10 people. As it was, I couldn’t play very well, but it worked. All the tactics and efforts I had when I was 11 vs. 11 were suddenly working on a letter. The red card came. . The opponent slips and my player has the ball. Another red card, just like in the first game. When I told the player that the whole game system was broken, I told the player the same tactical I asked you to keep working. All the data is in my hands. My opponent has 3 positions and 100% has 4 positions. We have fans so we have I’ve always said that they exist. They’re all of us. As long as they support us, I said we’ll have a reaction. This happened today. That In return, everyone has seen what these players can do with the synergies of our players. As long as the fans are together, don’t worry. This fight will continue. To them. Thank you. They shouldn’t leave us alone and trust us, “he said.

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“I hope the referee’s decision is his own preference.”

Ismail Kartal said he played so that he could score goals at any time until the 17th minute. “What happened until the 17th minute? They took another step and got tired of another breath and put on the character. The referee was the referee. “I usually don’t talk about referees, but I wish I could get such a red card in such an environment, in such an atmosphere.” , You can do something else. I think these may happen in the match. For example, Ahmet Khan was in the hand position and the last man was skipped. Outer showed a corner to the ball heading towards the ball. Because of his taste, he doesn’t want to think about anything else. The referee is also our companion and can make mistakes. But in such an environment, everything overlaps with each other and I think they are always against each other. We. “The experienced coach pointed out that the team had made significant progress since returning home, saying that the day he took office will focus on spiritual and tactical discipline and physics.” Everyone saw the team play fearlessly. I think we’ve organized a few things. Every week, we can clearly see both combat strength and tactical development. There are some drawbacks. But I didn’t make an excuse that he was physically handicapped or ill. No matter what player I had, we wanted to be mentally and physically prepared. But what happened today, but with the support of great fans, we were able to step up. “

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“We said we would play by fighting without fear.”

Ismail Cartal forwarded the conversation with the team in half-time and said, “I was late 1-0. I showed something tactically in half-time. As long as I do this, I will signal to the plan. Migrate. The last 10 minutes course.’If you can continue this game, it’s not 1-1.’ I said,’ We can win 2-1 and 3-1. Win This is how we reached the second half, just as 10 people play in a controlled way. Today was a fair game on the field. It was a very competitive match. The fighting and tempo were good, so it was fun to watch. I think I would have won this match today from 11:00 to 11:00. Ilfan Kang was kicked out and effectively attacked from behind Nuwakaeme. Until we were on the field of our opponents, but after the red card we continued to make tactical changes as well. I asked Ilfan Khan that he got this red card. I don’t accept it. “

“Trabzonspor made an important reinforcement”

Recalling that he focused on three issues from the day of arrival, Cartal said, “I said I’ll focus on three issues from the day of arrival. The team is always working on it. Improving the quality of training. So, we are training the players to have fun and get tired. We are planning now. Everything is going well. The team has always been accelerating upwards since arrival. Opponents may meet much later. Take a break, but in general we are the team that has won the most double fights in the league at the moment. After I come, Fenerbahce is the first place in this sense. The mileage is sometimes “at least” You can see more today 113 KM, Trabuzon Spor ran 117 KM, but played 10 people in 75 minutes. If the average player ran 8 KM, he ran about 120 KM. Regarding the successful departure of I Trabuzon Spor, Cartal said: If you have to say that, you need to congratulate Abdullah Abju. He has a stable game plan from the day he arrives. I have. Trabson Spor is one of the most expensive transfers in today’s league. I couldn’t transfer in half the time, but Trabson Spor took advantage of this break. They are very important and high. I bought a cost player. They took Visca who didn’t want this player. They made the right plan. We also want to do it, but since last year they have made a plan so He took advantage of it, but I don’t know what will happen next year. “

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“I want to finish at the top of the league”

Cartal said he would have a good fight with all the teams with the support of the fans, “Today I was going to show the same character and struggle in front of the fans, no matter who the opponent is.” Said. Thanks again to the fans. I can’t thank you enough. ” In response to a question about whether the current situation is different if he took office at the beginning of the season, Cartal said: To be honest, past teachers have also contributed to this team. I don’t think it’s fair to compare with others. After I came, I decided on the best way to do some things. At this point, it’s clear that I’ve touched something, albeit a little. So don’t look back and say, “I would be like this.” I’ll show it with gratitude, “he said, remembering that he had scored 10 points in 3 wins and 1 draw in the last 4 games.” At least I didn’t lose today. 3 wins and 1 draw in 4 games. Still I think I have a second chance. Opponents are very close in this rank, but I haven’t finished the league at the highest level.

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