Reasonable decision given to the murderer who killed his pregnant wife in Fethiye

The murderer, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for pushing his seven-month-old wife out of the rock and killing him, was said to have kept the woman busy for three hours and waited for the place to be quarantined for murder. rice field.

Seven-month-old Semra Aysal (33) went to the rocks to take pictures in the Butterfly Valley in the Fethiye district of Mugla and went on a tour with her husband Hakan Aysal (41) on June 19, 2018. rice field.

The unhappy woman fell from a height of about 300 meters. Upon notification, UMKE, AKUT, and AFAD teams have been dispatched to the area.

Semra Aysal was determined to have died during control carried out by a team that landed in the abyss.

Seen in worse life imprisonment

After the autopsy, Aisal’s body was buried in Istanbul.

Hakan Aysal was detained and arrested in November 2020 on suspicion of murdering his wife.

Aisal, who was tried in the Fethiye Heavy Criminal Court, was sentenced to life imprisonment by a majority vote at a hearing held on February 15, last year.

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Description of the acquisition

Court President Abdul Kadir Ungan “Acquittal of the accused” I placed the annotation in the direction.

Reasonable decisions regarding the decision have been announced.

Get a return ticket to avoid crime

In a reasonable decision; Hakan Aysal was reported to have taken out one year of personal life insurance to receive insurance coverage on behalf of Semla Aysal about two months before her marriage. With this insurance, she was designated as a beneficiary without her knowledge. I agree.

Aisal took his pregnant wife, Semla Aisal, from Kusadasi, who is on vacation, to Fetier in the name of celebrating her brother’s vacation and to the Butterfly Valley observatory. Was emphasized. Thoughts were dangerous and had an accident-like structure.

Aisal also said on the night of the incident that he bought a return ticket to Gebze to protect himself from crime, and that his husband stayed there for three hours and waited for the place to leave. Was done. And after she decided to kill her, she realized this idea.

Reasonable decision given to the murderer who killed his pregnant wife in Fethiye # 1

Focus on “no evidence”

Despite the passage of time, the defendant was stated to remain calm, plan, and deliberately push his wife out of the rock, but the file states that Isal performed his actions with psychological motivation. There is no evidence that it is just a brutal evil act to give pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, Aysal’s pregnant wife “Intentional killing” It was pointed out that he was found to have committed a crime in a majority of court votes and was sentenced to worsening life imprisonment.

Reasonable decision given to the murderer who killed his pregnant wife in Fethiye # 2

President’s reason for “comment”

The reason for this decision by Court President Abdulkadir Ungan, who demanded the acquittal of Aysal indicted and annotated his conviction, was also included in the grounded decision.

Claiming that there was no concrete, clear, sufficient and convincing evidence that the accused Aysal had committed the crime, Court Secretary Ungan explained why he annotated the decision:

“According to one of the most important principles of the Criminal Procedure,” the suspect benefits from the suspect, “the basic condition for punishing the accused for a crime is unquestionable accuracy. Depends on the proof of the crime. No conviction can be established by interpreting suspicious, fully unexplained events or allegations. Punishing the accused with a high probability means making hypothetical decisions without reaching the truth, which is the most important purpose of the criminal procedure. Within the scope of the file, there is multiple evidence that the defendant suspects of committing a crime, but these evidences have nothing to do with the occurrence of the case and belong to several previous transactions or cases. increase. Event.

Reasonable decision given to the murderer who killed his pregnant wife in Fethiye # 3