Ready to intervene in the snowplow and salting team with 465 points.

Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamogur, At the major arteries under the responsibility of the IMM, “At 465 points on this network, 2000 vehicles and construction equipment, 9,500 people, snowplows and salted teams are ready to intervene in the 4,23-kilometer network. I am reminded. I made a statement.

Imamoul issued a statement at the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) before the expected heavy snowfall. “From tonight, we will continue to operate on the M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M9, F1 cable cars, T1, T4 and T5 tram lines until 2 pm.” I used the phrase.

Imamoul warned the public not to leave in his car.

Imamogur’s remarks are as follows.

“The metro bus is open until morning and the rail system is open until 02:00.”

“This snowfall is from Siberia. Metro buses run until morning, trains run until 02:00, ferries run until 00:00 at night, and sea taxis run 24 hours a day. IETT City lines are also density dependent. Support the process with additional flights.

We declare that this service will continue in this way for citizens who say, “Please leave your car and use public transportation.” Ispark has also decided to serve more than 70,000 vehicles 24 hours a day.

“220,000 tonnes of salt and 1290 tonnes of solution are ready for intervention.”

“Currently, 220,000 tonnes of salt and 1290 tonnes of solution, or 64 tank solutions, are ready for intervention.

“More effects can be expected from Thursday morning”

“Cold weather will affect Istanbul with winds blowing from the north. It is expected to be more effective from the morning hours of Thursday, March 10th. It is expected to continue until Tuesday, March 15th. The January values ​​are reached in terms of snow thickness.

Snow is expected to exceed 50-60 centimeters, especially in the northern region of Chatarka’s Arnabutkoy, the northern European region, and in the city-facing regions it is expected to exceed 20 centimeters.

Due to this heavy snowfall, there is a risk of frost and freezing due to northeastern storms, mainly in the northern part of the city and in the Bosphorus. We all need to be careful about this.

As I said earlier, we are ready to intervene at 465 points in this 4023 km network with 2000 vehicles and heavy equipment, 9,500 people, a snowplow and salting team. First, we can map our responsibilities for Istanbul’s road network in a clearer map. Areas belonging to the Directorate General of Highways are displayed in red. Areas belonging to ICA and KMO are displayed in green. The IMM road network can also be seen in dark blue.

“39 local governments also clean areas outside the major arteries.”

Of course, 39 municipalities will clean the roads, and areas other than the arterial roads will be cleaned, and we will inform you that some procedures will be carried out by the municipalities.

There are 465 routes at the points I have shown in Istanbul. Our snowplows clean these routes.

Suppose you have a sufficient amount of salt in stock and you want to use the solution as needed. In addition, our local governments who need these salt tanks already know that they can meet them. Leave salt at the critical point. In particular, public institutions such as hospitals, public places, bus stops, elevated, bus stops, snow cover, and icing in open spaces are intervened in the salt left at critical points from these warehouses.

Our teams perform work when notifications occur through an icing early warning system installed at 60 points, and follow-up and guidance for these teams is via a 24/7 vehicle tracking system. Will be provided.

Our mobile kiosk will continue to work. Mobile kiosks that move according to congestion points, especially hospital emergency services, piers, and 40 mobile kiosks provide hot drinks, soup, and water to some drivers waiting on the road.

Of course, we also know that this is not just a service we do. The Red Crescent Society, which provides services in the section described as TEM, and the new airport road on the third bridge, sent from both the 39 municipalities and the governor’s office, will continue such services.

Our four mobile toilets again work in very sensitive areas. Mahmutbey and Hadımköy in particular are two important points in this regard.

Under the responsibility of the IMM, the major arteries I just showed the map are ready with towing and rescue vehicles. Respond quickly to traffic accidents.

Our Muktal is of great value to us in our village. Tractors equipped with snowplows under the control of Headman will continue to provide services. The village road remains open like this.

“Our IETT bus will continue to serve without interruption.”

“Our IETT bus will continue to operate uninterrupted. A total of 5,300 vehicles are planned to operate 54,000 times a day. Additional operations will be added on congested routes.

Lines parallel to the railway system are directed to the nearest metro integrated station, and buses allow us people to reach the metro. From tonight, it will continue to operate on the M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M9, F1 cable cars, T1, T4 and T5 tram lines until 2pm.

Metro buses are becoming a particularly important route. It will be open 24 hours a day with this rainfall, as it was successful in the last snowfall.

City lines such as Kadikoy-Karakoy and Besiktas-Usküdar, or ferries, continue to operate until midnight on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Maritime taxis continue to operate 24 hours a day.

0054SK0054 provides our city with uninterrupted service 24 hours a day. Our hospital will continue this service without any problems. In particular, the 153 Solution Centers are ready to serve the public in every respect. 600 of my fellow travelers will continue to serve their citizens for 153 years, providing the most accurate information to assist them on our behalf.

In this process, especially our homeless citizens are hosted. Currently, we are accepting 538 homeless citizens at our center. Of course, when the notification comes, we will speak to the public again with our intervention. There is capacity, but if it is not enough, we will welcome the citizens with the support of the hotel.

Street animals are also one of the greatest conscientious responsibilities. Our veterinary services increase their activity for treatment and nutrition in winter conditions. They distribute 2 tonnes of nutritious dried food per day to specific animal concentration points.

0054 GDAŞ is an organization that takes every step to supply natural gas 24 hours a day.

People’s bread description

Istanbul Hulk Ekmek will continue to produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Hamidiye agency will increase your inventory and provide services regarding your water needs.

Beltur will continue to serve in hospital cafes.

At a meeting with the Honorary Governor yesterday, all competent institutions and organizations will take responsibility in their respective jurisdictions and will fight decisively if solidarity is needed.