Ramadan wants to offer its citizens meat, minced meat and cubic meat at low prices.

President and Chairman of AKP Recep Tayyip ErdoganWith Ramadan coming, we want to offer our citizens meat, minced meat and cubic meat at cheap prices at the Meat Dairy Association, “he said. Said.

President Erdogan met a farmer he met during the Tokat program. Erdogan, “They say farming is over and farmers are devastated. There was most support for agriculture and livestock in our time. Last year, we gave farmers today’s figures 470 billion lira. I paid.” I used the phrase.

The headlines for President Erdogan’s remarks are:

“Doubled the number of dams built in the history of the Republic.”

“We have increased our agricultural support budget by 25.8 billion lira this year. These numbers are very important. Thanks to your efforts, we are number one in Europe in vegetable and fruit production. I. Founded in the last 20 years, thanks to our infrastructure, it has become 140% of the country. To increase land productivity, operate 980 facilities and invest in water during the government period. We have doubled the number of dams built in history. As a result of these investments, we have cultivated 20 million decales of land for irrigation and provided farmers with 60 billion lira each year. Over the last 20 years, we have brought about 6 billion seedlings with the soil.

Among the countries that increase forest wealth, we are ranked number one in Europe and number six in the world. This is proof, not a joke. Of course, some of them don’t like it. They are trying to annoy the country with droughts, wars and regional crises as excuses. They are trying to mislead our country, even though they know Turkey is the most important food supplier. “

“The consequences of the Russian-Ukraine war have affected us.”

“Recently, they did this with sunflower oil. The consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine affected us, but this would be in imports, not tables. A balanced relationship between the two countries. Hope to be uninterrupted. Supply from this region. Only in Tokat, 20,000 tons of oil-based sunflowers are produced by 30,000. 1 ton of corn production contracts have been signed, 75% of which is subsidized. It will be distributed in. A total of 12 million production support lira will be provided. It is important to increase production. We need it during the war between Russia and Ukraine. PutinIn the same way Zelensky In a meeting with us, there were nearly 50 ships in the area.

Our food industry continues to look for other alternative sources, especially in Kazakhstan, the United States and Canada. We also hope that Japan will maintain a balanced relationship with both countries and will not completely cut off the supply of products from this region.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emphasized that sunflower production will be supported and used the following statement:

“It is important to increase production”

“We, the Agriculture, Forestry and Agricultural Credit Union, have taken the necessary steps to plant sunflowers and corn. We plan to produce 20,000 tons of oil sunflowers and 30,000 tons of grain corn on consignment only with producers. Tokat. 18 tons of oil sunflower seeds made in the area of ​​35,000 decals. 75% will be distributed as a grant.

Therefore, a total of 12 million lira production support will be provided for the production of oil sunflowers and corn in Tokat. We want farmers to focus on production in a way that leaves no one inch of unplanted land in our country.

It is important to increase production both in terms of meeting the needs of our food sector and closing the gaps that may arise in the European market. “