Ramadan Good News from President Erdogan to Citizens: Offering Meat at Cheap Prices

An image of a program in which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met a farmer at the Hıdırlık social facility in Tokat City when he visited Tokat was shared.

Young strawberry producers started raising sheep and goats in a project called “There are many reasons to live in the village,” which was initially 100, but has exceeded 200.

President Erdogan “How profitable business?” Asked a young producer, “Yes, it’s very beneficial. Strawberry production is more beneficial.” He replied. Erdogan, “Do you accept the partnership?” There was a laugh in the hall over his joke. President Erdogan: “I didn’t say I would send it to the president.” Jokingly, the young producer said, “I always want to send it to you. Thank you for the support you have given to our young farmers. I will do it. ” He replied.

President Erdogan said he was most grateful for the efforts of the female farmers who said they had graduated from the veterinary technology sector, and told Agriculture and Forestry Minister Vahit Kirishichi: experience. ” Said.

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Vahit Kirişçi replied, “On our radar, sir.” This answer by Minister Kirishi caused laughter. In this regard, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “Khawaja is a professor and a politician, so he needs to work more closely. According to what he said on our radar, you received a signal.” Said. I used the phrase.

Regarding the importance of shepherds, Kirishchi said, “The system’s” many reasons to return to the village “project is actually a great project to reverse village-to-city migration.” .. He said.

In a Kirishi statement, President Erdogan said, “Khawaja Vahit, you are now reminded of Ferdi Tayyip. He said,” Let’s go back to our house. “

Vahit Kirişci said shepherd social security is required to be provided by the government and they are working with relevant ministries on this issue and they want to provide good news in the short term.

Ramadan Good News from President Erdogan to Citizens: Offering Meat at Cheap Prices

A farmer named Adnan Ellen, the head of the village of Chamdere, said he was producing strawberries in the greenhouse, and they said they had almost broke new ground in production with the help of the pressurized irrigation system that came to the village. I did. state.Alms, the backbone of Tokat’s irrigation

Ellen said the dam had been formed and wanted to incorporate the canal into the closed system to prevent water loss. President Erdogan said this was the subject they were always talking about, “This open system has about 60% water loss due to evaporation. I also told Vahit about this. You need to switch to a closed system. The 60% loss due to evaporation is our responsibility and needs to be significantly undone. If we refuse this, this irrigation system by switching from a closed system to a pressurized system will be very large. It’s more beneficial to us and much more beneficial to our farmers. We shoot too. “

After the chief thanked him, President Erdogan said, “No one can say that you can’t even be chief, you’ve become it.” His words made the participants laugh.

Gülsen Bekgos, who said she was the chairman of the food co-operative, also explained that seven women had come together to set up a co-operative to produce vineyard products. Bekgöz said she sent brine leaves to Dubai, and that 14 more women’s co-operatives were set up to sell their products abroad.

When Bekgöz said women’s co-operatives wanted to sell their products in the agricultural co-operative market, Erdoğan replied, “What does that mean? It’s easy to get ready for sale.” Minister Kirishi pointed out that this should be the main mission of these markets, “providing the necessary support and being content with Tarm Creddy’s own and collaborative brands rather than the other brands on the shelves. I will do it. ” He said.

Regarding the newly opened Tokat Airport, President Erdogan noted the fact that the city could come to an important location for freight transportation. atmosphere. Who knows, there are many more products exported here. Of course, it will diversify over time. ” He said.

Ramadan Good News from President Erdogan to Citizens: Offering Meat at Cheap Prices

When a woman named Tuğba Ezmeci was working in the field of livestock and said she didn’t want to quit this job, Erdoğan said Agriculture and Forestry Minister Vahit Kirişci was looking for animals in meat cultivation.

“He will soon bring your animals. We are now trying to bring them from Uruguay, but we have them here,” said Erdogan. said. He said.

When asked about the number of people engaged in livestock farming, Prime Minister Erdogan asked, “If the meat is in a good position, we need to get into this business right away, Vahito Bay, Tokat. Now I am. We need red meat, meat. Livestock. Why should we buy animals from Uruguay? There are animals in our country. “Let’s finish this job by buying meat. At this point to save the farmers. He should buy meat, not milk. He will continue to raise it in the breeding grounds. ”I used the phrase.

In response to Erdogan’s question, Ezmechi reported that he had 22 animals. After that, President Erdogan instructed Minister Kirishi to expand the campaign in Tokat and take immediate action. Kirishchi’s “Sir, the price of the carcass …” said Erdogan, “You leave the carcass brand. First, the animals I bought from my citizens and from my farmhouse are the most beneficial animals to me. That’s it. ” He said.

Erdogan’s “Are you telling someone not to give?” Some couples at the venue said they could answer the question about the animals and “donate.”

President Erdogan pointed out that there was no need for subsidies and continued:

“At an affordable price, Mr. Vahit is a reliable litigant on these issues. He does not bother the public. We buy these animals from the public in the best possible way and immediately as agricultural credit. Ramadan is coming and we want the citizens of the Meat and Dairy Research Institute at a cheap price. Give you some meat, chopped meat, and cubic meat. “

After Ezmechi, a female farmer living in Tokat’s Sursaray district, said she wanted to turn an open waterway into a closed system, President Erdogan said this was done and work was done to ensure that Sursaray could get natural gas. Said to be. ..

Erdogan said walnuts did not grow rapidly after Atanur Yılmaz, who lives in Nixal, said he had built a walnut garden on land he had rented from the province.

Yılmaz told Erdogan about his work. Ali Demir, chairman of the Tokat Beekeepers Union, who spoke later, said important facilities had been established in the last four years. Demir explained that the airport established in Tokat will also help ship products overseas.

Ramadan Good News from President Erdogan to Citizens: Offering Meat at Cheap Prices

Erdogan ate buffalo yogurt mixed with dates, chestnut honey and oatmeal at night, said the mixture was healed and advised the people of Hall to apply it.

When President Ali Demir of the Tokat Beekeepers Union said he wanted to hold a meeting at Cheong Wa Dae, Erdogan instructed him to take the necessary actions.

Thanks to the farmers who attended the meeting, Erdogan said:

“All the brothers and sisters who asked the question asked us a very happy and pleasing question. We, brothers like you, cannot pay for these lands when we become peasants. Remember that everything is in the soil. ”The century is agriculture, not oil. I am very interested in agriculture. You are an agricultural host. Vahit Bey will be with you in the steps we take in animal breeding and farming. These lands lift Turkey. “”

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