Putin switched to Plan B’s bomb claim: Plan C is really terrible, I’m even afraid to write Plan D

Russia panicked as operations against Ukraine became more demanding. There are rumors that Putin has implemented Plan B for civilians. “Plan C is really terrible. I’m even afraid to write what Plan D will be,” wrote a New York Times columnist.


A senior government official told The Wall Street Journal that Moscow would prioritize strengthening ties and siege to Crimea’s land.

Russia’s war with Ukraine continued with all the violence, but Moscow’s failure to win a swift victory cast doubt on the future.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), one of the major US newspapers, US officials said “Russia is moving to Plan B” and explained how Moscow could move.

According to the United States and its allies, Moscow took only a few days to occupy Kyiv and expected a pro-Russian replacement soon on behalf of Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky. After three weeks of war, when these goals were not achieved, the Russian president changed his tactics.

The newspaper reported that the Vladimir Putin administration had grasped the main points of the scene and promised the Kyiv administration to maintain neutrality between Russia and the West, noting that it had received opinions from senior officials of the Biden administration.

According to the Biden administration’s current assessment, Moscow has acknowledged to Kyiv that the Crimea and Donbas regions are Russian territories and will continue to work to strengthen relations with Russian territory. The city of Mariupol was also reported to have been besieged to establish a corridor connecting Russia and Crimean by land. By continuing military pressure, Ukrainian cities will be the target of artillery.

US officials said that if all this went wrong, Moscow would continue the conflict by not abandoning the land it holds on the ground. “According to our military assessment, they are back in siege tactics,” said one of these unnamed managers.

This means that if Moscow’s demands are not met, the war can last for months. U.S. officials said Moscow could raise its goal if Russian troops were more successful, but also emphasized that it would not be easy to rob it by properly sieving the capital Kyiv.

Some experts have pointed out that analysis that is too focused on the battlefield can be tedious. Former US Ambassador to Poland Daniel Fried said of Putin:

“His purpose hasn’t changed. It’s his tactics that have changed. The idea of ​​decapitating the Ukrainian government didn’t work. Now he needs to resist and eliminate him. I’m just decapitating them. It’s like Stalin … “

Thomas L. Friedman, one of the New York Times’ well-known columnists, wrote in his article today “Putin’s Plan B is against Biden and Zelensky’s Plan A.” Friedman said the Kremlin had no secret sources and spoke based on Putin’s actions in the Middle East, stating that Plan D could be a nuclear or chemical attack, and used the following expression: did.

“Putin’s possible Plan C is really scary, so expect Biden and Zelensky to win. I’m even afraid to write what Plan D will be. Plan B is where Russian troops are Ukrainian civilians, apartments and hospitals. All this has happened in the last few weeks, to attack the workplace, and even the bunker. The goal is for Ukrainians to flee their homes, within Ukraine, and more importantly, NATO around. Encourage countries to cause a huge refugee crisis. “

Friedman also suggested that Putin’s plans would allow NATO countries that do not want to tackle the refugee crisis to put pressure on Zelensky and force Moscow to accept his request. Famous columnist, II. He reminded us that nearly 3.5 million Ukrainians took action in Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.

According to US estimates, nearly 7,000 Russian soldiers were killed in the war that began on February 24. Western media reports that Moscow is experiencing difficulties, especially in logistics.

Meanwhile, negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow continue. The Ukrainian government has not yet agreed to formally transfer Crimea and Donbus to Russia, integrate them into the Western world, and promise not to join NATO.

US President Joe Biden will attend the NATO-European Council summit meeting in Brussels on Thursday. Source: (Independent Turkish, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Aschark Ruussat)