Published with President Erdogan’s signature: Police officers’ “Oriental” missions have been reduced

The rules published in the official bulletin yesterday, signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have changed the rules for the allocation and relocation of personnel working in security service classes.

Written statement from the General Directorate of Security on regulations “In line with staff demands and the opinion of state police, the terms of states and districts have been reorganized, significantly shortening the duration of states and districts in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. In fact, eastern Anatolia and the region. Approximately 62,000 employees currently working in each state of the Southeastern Region will benefit from this situation without exceeding the period of change, and employees working in the Second Orient will have units. Except, if you work for one year less than the newly assigned period, you are considered to have completed the Oriental mission. The term of office is two years, but “However, the police chief and the staff of the police chief are , Not subject to this practice. ”

“7,500 staff are considered to have completed their duties.”

According to the rules, the oriental mission of 7,500 guards is considered to have been completed, and “the shortening of service hours under the new rules will allow about 7,500 guards to be considered.” Completed a mission in the eastern state.

Personnel who complete the Second Oriental mission will be evaluated for relocation to previous personnel upon request... Our martyrs and veterans who are exempt from eastern obligations and benefit from the right assigned to the place where they are registered will continue to benefit from this right. Under current rules, the excuses for appointing relatives of our staff for health reasons are limited to themselves, their spouses, and their children. Under the new rules, our staff. For health reasons of his parents, regulated provided that he is an only child and his guardian is appointed by the court, and that he is the only sibling and a guardian is appointed. I am. Courts, brothers demand appointments for health excuses.

“Purpose of preventing applications that connect to staff”

The following statement states that the states are divided into a total of four groups.

“If the spouse of an employee works as a full-time employee, it is now easier to be appointed to the general administrative service class of the police station upon request at the end of the period of service in the state in which he works. Our staff has children in elementary, secondary, or last year of college. Staff have been assigned due to appointment and relocation practices in the two areas covered by our staff. Working in the unit for a very long time. The states that are divided into two regions, Region 1 (West) and Region 2 (East), are divided into two groups, and our state is divided into four groups in total. It is categorized. It aims to pave the way for employees to work in the desired state and prevent practices that cause anxiety among employees. In this application, our personnel are in all regions. And in groups, the purpose is to work in a specific order throughout the professional life. Employees working within the organization are subject to a two-zone system under current regulations, and family order and labor accordingly. Due to the planning of life, the above application will be gradually transitioned from 01.01.2024. Currently, we are applying for the 2nd Oriental Duty for all ranks of employees in the organization. With this change Employees will be able to book up to 4 times from the center throughout their professional life, after which they will be able to request reservations to their liking.


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The decision to re-determine the fare to go abroad is published in the official bulletin.


The decision to re-determine the fare to go abroad is published in the official bulletin.